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Album5th Mini Album “Boys will be Boys”
All Song Description & MeaningMIRAE “Boys will be Boys”
VocalLien, Lee Jun-hyuk, Yoo Dou-hyun, Khael, Son Dong-pyo, Park Si-young, Jang Yu-bin
Release DateJuly 19, 2023
Lyrics by나정아 (153/Joombas), 키겐
Composed by키겐, ROBBIN, VEN, ZWOO, Elena Westermann
Arranged byROBBIN
AgencyDSP Media
DistributorKakao Entertainment
SourceMelon Korean Music Platform


1. MIRAE “JUMP!” Official MV


2. MIRAE “JUMP!” Lyrics

These lyrics are taken from Melon Korean Music Platform

Ah ah ah
Ah ah
Hurry hurry hurry

Baby I’m curious
Ball처럼 튀어 오른 맘
기민한 신호
이 느낌을 따라가
I can’t control it anymore
Like a rebound
저 끝까지 높이 날아
잡힐 듯한 하늘 위로 Dunk Dunk Dunk

Yeah 빨라지는 Play (Play)
널 의식하나 봐 (어쩌나)
지켜봐 Hey
조금씩 날 알아가
궁금증이 번져가면
힘차게 달려 난 (집중해)
이끌어 Eyes of yours

Gimme gimme, Jump Jump (yeah)
I go up (uh yeah)
넌 멀리서도 보여
You’re my MVP (uh uh)
선명해 점점 (yeah)
커져가는 걸 (up!)
1 and 2 and 3, 4
멈출 수 없어 Jump Jump

Bet, bet, bet, better with me
Bet, bet, bet, better with me
De, De, De, Destiny
De, De, De, Destiny

Let’s go
Ballin’ to the end tryna jump buzzer beater
Bouncin’ back and forth 이건 너와 나의 Picture
흐릿한 내 머릿속을 불꽃으로 채워
네게 더 가까이 Dribble up to the sky high
I keep goin’ 더 높이 날아 Glowin’
저 함성소리 들려오는 곳까지 다 Fall in
수없이 연습했어 한걸음 더 Lay up
내 맘은 풍선처럼 Go all the way up

솔직한 This vibe를 타고
태양을 찍고서
짜릿하게 Shoot it

Gimme gimme, Jump Jump (yeah)
I go up (uh yeah)
넌 멀리서도 보여
You’re my MVP (uh uh)
선명해 점점 (yeah)
커져가는 걸 (up!)
1 and 2 and 3, 4
멈출 수 없어 Jump Jump

다가오고 있어
이유 모를 설렘 위 Thrilling
머리부터 발끝 다 퍼진
너란 떨림의 사이
숨이 차오르게 알아갈 거야 Watch this
알 수 없는 한계까지

너를 향해 Jump Jump
I grow up
또 시작되는 기분
You’re my MVP (uh uh)
가까워 점점 (hey yeah)
Take my heart (no)
5 and 6 and 7, 8
온 맘을 다해 Jump Jump

Bet, bet, bet, better with me
Bet, bet, bet, better with me
De, De, De, Destiny
De, De, De, Destiny

3. MIRAE “JUMP!” Meaning

“JUMP!” by MIRAE is a lively track that encapsulates the thrill and momentum of a sports game, particularly resonating with the imagery and tempo of basketball. By merging diverse genres including pop, new jack swing, and alternative rock, it manifests an energizing and catchy sound. This auditory landscape, coupled with the lyrics, vividly conveys the heart-pounding excitement one feels when being in the center of an intense, fast-moving game.

The central theme of the song revolves around plunging headfirst into new challenges, echoing the spirit of athletes who dive into games with passion. The basketball-inspired metaphors and the undying enthusiasm expressed in the song not only resonate with the energy of the game but also metaphorically allude to embracing life’s challenges and the thrill of new experiences.

The song communicates the exhilaration of embarking on something new and formidable, akin to the anticipation and determination felt before a basketball game. The recurring basketball references serve as metaphors for persistence, ambition, and the sheer rush of pursuing one’s goals. Furthermore, phrases such as “You’re my MVP” amplify the reverence the speaker has for a significant entity, echoing the sentiment of cherishing those who are exceptionally outstanding in their life, similar to a Most Valuable Player in sports.

After setting the stage with the overarching themes and energies in “JUMP!” by MIRAE, let’s delve deeper into the song’s lyrics:

  1. Anticipation and Energy: “Ah ah ah, Ah ah, Yeah, Hurry hurry hurry” – The song’s opening lines set an energetic pace, hinting at the enthusiasm and readiness to leap into whatever lies ahead.
  2. Intrigue and Excitement: “Baby I’m curious, Ball처럼 튀어 오른 맘” (Baby, I’m curious, Ball-like bouncing heart) – The speaker expresses intrigue and the excitement in their heart is likened to the lively bounce of a basketball.
  3. Unrestrained Pursuit: “Like a rebound, Dunk Dunk Dunk” – Basketball references that portray the idea of grabbing opportunities, making a comeback, and aiming high in endeavors.
  4. Speed and Action: “Yeah 빨라지는 Play” (Yeah, the game is getting faster) – The speaker conveys a sense of urgency, implying that the situation is quickly evolving and they must act swiftly.
  5. Boldness and Determination: “Gimme gimme, Jump Jump” – Emphasizing the central theme of the song, this phrase is a call to leap into actions or decisions fearlessly.
  6. Recognition and Admiration: “You’re my MVP” – The speaker acknowledges someone of great significance, much like the Most Valuable Player in sports, underlining the theme of admiration.
  7. Risk and Fate: “Bet, bet, bet, better with me, De, De, De, Destiny” – Expressing a belief in taking chances while also having faith in one’s predetermined path or destiny.
  8. Perseverance and Growth: “I keep goin’ 더 높이 날아 Glowin'” (I keep going, flying higher, glowing) – This line underscores the importance of continuous effort, rising to greater challenges, and shining brightly.
  9. Authenticity: “솔직한 This vibe를 타고” (Riding this honest vibe) – The speaker emphasizes the value of being genuine and staying true to oneself.
  10. The exhilaration of the Unknown: “다가오고 있어 이유 모를 설렘 위 Thrilling” (The inexplicable thrill is approaching) – Conveying the rush that comes with facing something uncertain and thrilling, underlining the song’s overarching theme of diving into the unknown with enthusiasm.

“JUMP!” is more than just an ode to basketball; it’s a song about life, ambition, and embracing every opportunity. Through the vivid metaphors of a basketball game, the speaker conveys the rollercoaster of emotions—anticipation, determination, thrill, and even moments of uncertainty—that come with diving into new challenges. The speaker’s admiration for their “MVP” shows that while individual ambition is essential, recognizing and valuing the key players in our life is equally crucial. In its essence, “JUMP!” serves as a rousing anthem, encouraging listeners to seize the day, trust in their destiny, and always aim for the slam dunk in whatever they pursue.

Disclaimer: The analysis of a song’s meaning provided in our articles is based on the lyrics and other available information. The interpretation of the song may vary from person to person, and our articles are not intended to provide a definitive understanding of the song’s meaning. Instead, they serve as one possible perspective on the themes and messages that the song might convey. If you would like to use or share the information provided here, please credit KPOPOFFICIAL.COM as the source.


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