[UPDATE] MIRAE Album “Boys will be Boys”: Songs Description & Meaning


Album5th Mini Album “Boys will be Boys”
Title Track“JUMP!”
Total Tracks6
VocalLien, Lee Jun-hyuk, Yoo Dou-hyun, Khael, Son Dong-pyo, Park Si-young, Jang Yu-bin
Album Release DateJuly 19, 2023
AgencyDSP Media
DistributorKakao Entertainment
SourceMelon Korean Music Platform

MIRAE released their 5th mini album, “Boys will be Boys”, on July 19, 2023. Building on the momentum from their previous ‘Boy’ series, this latest release showcases six tracks that highlight their signature blend of innocence and energy. The standout song ‘JUMP!’ adds a sporty twist to their unique ‘cosmic freshness’ theme, complete with basketball-inspired dance moves. Another highlight, ‘GIRL’, explores youthful emotions through their distinct lyrical style. Since their 2021 debut, the globally-acclaimed MIRAE returns after a 10-month pause, offering fans an enhanced musical experience with this new album.

MIRAE Album “Boys will be Boys” Tracklist


Lyrics by 나정아 (153/Joombas)
Composed byimsuho (ntrophy/P.maker), N!ko (ntophy/P.maker), Erik Lidbom, Adam Jonsson
Arranged byimsuho (ntrophy/P.maker), N!ko (ntophy/P.maker)
Official AudioYouTube
Official AudioSpotify

‘GIRL’ by MIRAE tells the story of someone experiencing strong, new emotions when they meet someone special for the first time. The lyrics describe a boy who feels deeply drawn to this new feeling, showing how powerful an attraction or emotion can be.

The song aims to share the deep emotions felt by the main character. When they say “I’m in blue,” “Like you,” and repeat “Tell me you like it,” it sounds like they’re longing to be closer to the one causing these feelings. The song tries to express the mix of surprise and attraction they’re feeling.

In ‘GIRL’, the lyrics tell us about someone or something that’s very captivating to the singer. Words like “I like the way you move” and “You woke me up with a new feeling” hint at an irresistible charm. As the song continues, it seems like the singer dives deeper into these emotions, shown in lines like “I get lost in it” and “My heart is full of you.” The use of imagery, like waves and the color blue, paints a picture of these emotions being vast and deep. By the end of the song, it’s clear that the singer has fully given in to these feelings.

2. JUMP! (Title Track)

Lyrics by 나정아 (153/Joombas), 키겐
Composed by키겐, ROBBIN, VEN, ZWOO, Elena Westermann
Arranged byROBBIN
Music VideoYouTube
Official AudioSpotify

‘JUMP!’ by MIRAE is a dynamic song that captures the energy and spirit of a sports game, specifically invoking imagery reminiscent of basketball. It marries elements from various genres such as pop, new jack swing, and alternative rock, creating a unique sound that is both energetic and infectious. The bouncy rhythm combined with the lyrics paints a vivid picture of the exhilaration and excitement of being in the middle of a fast-paced game.

The song aims to share the excitement of diving into something new and challenging, like playing a game. The basketball metaphors, such as “Like a rebound,” “Dunk Dunk Dunk,” and “Ballin’ to the end,” serve as analogies for this feeling of determination and relentless pursuit. Moreover, lines like “You’re my MVP” emphasize the admiration the speaker has for someone or something that stands out and captures their attention, just as an MVP (Most Valuable Player) would in a sports context.

In ‘JUMP!’, the singer talks about being curious and eager to try something, like starting a game you’re excited about. “Jump Jump” tells us to take bold steps in life or love with all our hearts. The words “Bet, bet, bet, better with me” and “Destiny” suggest that taking chances is part of their fate. In simple words, ‘JUMP!’ encourages us to grab every opportunity, take risks, and enjoy the thrill of new experiences.

3. So Different

Song“So Different”
Lyrics by 키겐, BEL, 윤수빈, 이예린
Composed byWuNii, BEL, 윤수빈, 이예린
Arranged byROBBIN, WuNii
Official AudioYouTube
Official AudioSpotify

“So Different” by MIRAE is a lively retro pop song that tells the story of a young man realizing he’s experiencing new emotions, maybe even falling in love.

The song captures the thrill and freshness of these feelings. Imagine the first time you felt a strong emotion, like a first crush; that’s what the song is about. It describes the innocent and pure joy of feeling something new.

The lyrics give a peek into the young man’s thoughts. When he looks at the person he’s fond of, he can’t help but smile broadly. Lines from the song like “밝은 미소가 나와” (a bright smile appears) and “널 볼 때마다 난” (every time I see you) show this. The phrase “So different” in the song stresses how special and unique these feelings are to him. And the lines “I got a feelin'” and “I like it 네 머리부터 발끝까지” (I like it, from your head to your toes) tell us just how much he likes this person.

The song is like a fun story. It starts with a “Guess what” as if he’s sharing a surprising secret. Through the song, we follow his adventure as he realizes and enjoys this pure, newfound love.


Lyrics by 키겐, Rick Bridges (Amplified Music)
Composed by키겐
Arranged by키겐
Official AudioYouTube
Official AudioSpotify

“NOW & FOREVER” by MIRAE is like a touching handwritten letter set to music. This song is a tribute to the fans who have been with MIRAE in the past, are with them now, and will be with them in the future. Here, the song communicates sentiments of appreciation and promises of everlasting togetherness. As the emotions rise in the song, the piano melody evolves, showing off a different side of the members’ vocal charms.

“NOW & FOREVER” by MIRAE is all about the strong connection between the band and their fans. It’s a promise from the band to always be there for their fans, no matter what happens or how much time passes. When they sing “When you say love… NOW & FOREVER,” they’re saying their loyalty won’t change, even as things around them do.

Diving into the lyrics, the song talks a lot about memories, staying together, and promises that last forever. When MIRAE mentions moments like holding hands under streetlights or feeling the air, they’re bringing up special times they don’t want to forget. Lyrics about walking through golden fields or a shining ring are like reminders of the good times they’ve had with their fans. And when they say things like “영원을 약속해요” (which means “Promising eternity”) and “NOW & FOREVER,” they’re telling their fans they’re in it for the long haul, wanting to create lasting memories together.

5. Learn To Fly

Song“Learn To Fly”
Lyrics by DEEVAN, 키겐, Rick Bridges (Amplified Music)
Composed by DEEVAN, 키겐, Rick Bridges (Amplified Music)
Arranged byDEEVAN, 키겐, Rick Bridges (Amplified Music)
Official AudioYouTube
Official AudioSpotify

“Learn To Fly” by MIRAE is an effervescent Nu-Disco track, characterized by its groovy rhythm and upbeat tempo. Throughout the lyrics, there are vivid descriptions of starry nights, celestial imagery, and themes of flight which paint a picture of hope, love, and the limitless horizons of the future.

The song serves as a musical serenade, a promise from the speaker to teach the art of soaring or ‘flying’ in the expansive sky. This ‘flying’ acts as a metaphor for navigating through life’s challenges, aspirations, and dreams. With its repetitive chorus of “learn to fly,” the track emphasizes a journey of discovery and the pursuit of love and dreams. The speaker is not just expressing a personal journey but is inviting the listener to embark on this adventure towards the “land of the future.”

From the song’s lyrics, it’s clear that the singer is deeply in love and feels on top of the world, like floating on clouds. This love makes them feel free and as if they’re flying. They talk about space, stars, and even the Milky Way, showing just how big and endless their love feels. The line “Through the universe, the pouring starlight” shows how intense and vast these feelings are. The song keeps saying things like “Till the morning rise and shinin'” and “We go future land,” which means they believe this love and their dreams will last forever, leading to a bright future.

6. Drop The Bass

Song“Drop The Bass”
Official AudioYouTube
Official AudioSpotify

“Drop The Bass” by MIRAE is a dynamic hip-hop track characterized by its compelling bass line and rhythmic flow. The song is about letting go, being true to oneself, and diving deep into the moment. The lyrics talk about a person who wants to fully embrace life, breaking all limits.

The song’s message is about empowerment and living life with gusto. Lines like “Let me do what I want” and “It’s my choices” tell us about someone who’s eager to follow their own path and break free. By saying “Drop The Bass,” the song is nudging listeners to let go, dance, and live the moment.

In “Drop The Bass”, the lyrics describe someone feeling alive and thrilled. With phrases like “Rough breath, I love it now,” it’s clear that they’re talking about the highs of life. The repeated mentions of the heart’s beat getting louder and reaching for the “top top top” paints a picture of escalating excitement. The line “Under these lights, I can feel alive” talks about those special moments that make everything else fade away. The song is all about enjoying every bit of life, chasing passions, and celebrating the present.


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