[PRESS] Rising K-pop band TRENDZ ends their [BLUE SET] saga with 2nd single album BLUE SET CHAPTER. NEW DAYZ


TRENDZ is a K-pop boy band that debuted on January 5, 2022, with seven members: HAVIT, LEON, YOONWOO, HANKOOK, ra.L, EUNIL, and YECHAN. With only a year in the industry, they have been actively releasing music every other month, catching the public’s attention with their powerful performances. TRENDZ’s 2nd SINGLE ALBUM BLUE SET CHAPTER. NEW DAYZ is the last chapter of the [BLUE SET] saga which TRENDZ has been promoting since their debut.

Their groundbreaking moment came with the release of their first single album BLUE SET Chapter and its title song VAGABOND, following the success of their previous tracks TNT and WHO[吼]. VAGABOND came to life through a collaboration with producer LEEZ, also known for having worked with prominent artists in the Korean music scene, such as  ATEEZ, DREAMCATCHER, YOONHA, N.FLYING. 

TRENDZ’s unique sound and captivating style continue to make waves in the K-pop scene. They are definitely a name to remember in the industry.



01. Nightmare

The dark clouds, the greater fear, and the unknown feeling is like a “Nightmare”. The boy is getting out of there and returning to reality, and he is about to open his eyes. A dark R&B pop with a dreamy sound and strong beats.

02. NEW DAYZ (title track)

NEW DAYZ is a punk pop song with rhythmical guitar sounds that tells the story of the boy waking up in the dark and escaping from the fake neverland alone.

I dream of meeting you again beyond the end of this dream. I’m waiting for NEW DAYZ!

03. Fantasy 

The variety of the beats makes the flow of song. This song expresses the inner sound of the boy who escaped fake neverland. The boy firmly decides to save his friends, who are still trapped in the fake neverland.

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