[UPDATE] SATURDAY “STAY” Lyrics, Meaning, and Song Credits


AlbumThe 6th Single Album [ 𝐅𝐢𝐧𝐝 𝐒𝐮𝐦𝐦𝐞𝐫 ]
VocalJuyeon, Yuki, Ayeon, Minseo
Release DateJuly 25, 2023
Lyrics byWinL (윈엘), Yuki
Composed byWinL (윈엘), Son Ki Hyun, Honey Badger
Arranged byWinL (윈엘), Son Ki Hyun, Honey Badger
AgencyYoonso Group
DistributorGenie Music
SourceGenie Music

1. SATURDAY “STAY” Official MV


These lyrics are taken from Genie Music

i know i
바빠졌다는 걸
i know i
시간이 없단 걸
자꾸만 너에게 기댔던 나에게
오늘도 내일도
조금 더 조금 더

두 손을 모아 기도해
할 수 있는 건 다할게
조금이라도 닿을 땐
조금 더 조금 더
나 너에게 약속할게
항상 네 곁에 있어 지킬게
난 네게 갈래

지치고 힘들 때
네 곁에 있을게
약속을 잊진 말아줘
네 곁엔 나라는 사람
다치고 아플 때
늘 곁에 있을게
네 가 웃을 수 있게

You know i
좋아한다는 걸
You know i
설렌다는 걸
하지만 너에게 숨겼던 나에게
오늘도 내일도
조금 더 조금 더

내 맘을 담아 기도해
언제까지나 바랄게
내 맘이 네게 닿을 땐
조금 더 조금 더
아무 걱정 하지 않게
항상 그 자리에서 지킬게
난 네게 갈래

지치고 힘들 때
네 곁에 있을게
약속을 잊진 말아줘
네 곁엔 나라는 사람
다치고 아플 때
늘 곁에 있을게
네 가 웃을 수 있게

i khow your lie
you don’t have to cry
넌 끝내 말하지 못해
그래도 괜찮아 나에겐
울지 말아 줘

지치고 힘들 때
네 곁에 있을게
약속을 잊진 말아줘
(I will Promise u)
네 곁엔 나라는 사람
(OH I will promise u oh baby now)
다치고 아플 때
늘 곁에 있을게
너의 별이 돼줄게

3. SATURDAY “STAY” Meaning

“있을게(STAY)” by SATURDAY is a touching song that communicates a deep sense of commitment, reassurance, and support. Through its lyrics, the song emphasizes staying by someone’s side during their hardships and ensuring that they are never alone.

The main message of “있을게(STAY)” is about strong commitment and loyalty. The lyrics emphasize that, no matter the challenges or changes life brings, the person singing vows to always stand by their loved one, giving them support and comfort.

After familiarizing ourselves with the theme of “있을게(STAY)” by SATURDAY, let’s take a step-by-step look at the lyrics. By doing so, we can get a clearer picture of the song’s message and understand the feelings it’s trying to express to the listeners.

  1. Understanding The Impact of a Busy Life
    In the song, there are lines like “I know I 바빠졌다는 걸 (I know I’ve become busy)” and “I know I 시간이 없단 걸 (I know I don’t have time)”. These words tell us that the singer realizes they’ve been too wrapped up in their own life and might have unintentionally ignored or neglected someone important. It’s like they’re saying, “I’ve been so busy, and I’m sorry for not being there as much as I should have.” They acknowledge that being too occupied can sometimes drive a wedge in close relationships, but they want to fix that.
  2. The Trust in Leaning on One Another
    The lyrics “자꾸만 너에게 기댔던 나에게 (Always relying on you)” tell us that the singer often depended on the other person, almost like leaning on them for support. This shows they shared a strong connection, where one could rely on the other. However, by mentioning it this way, the singer seems to be admitting that they might have leaned on the other person too much, possibly taking their support for granted. It’s like the singer is saying, “I’ve always counted on you and might not have shown enough appreciation for it.
  3. Wishing for Positive Change
    When the song says “조금 더 조금 더 두 손을 모아 기도해 (A little more, a little more, I pray with both hands together)”, it’s highlighting the singer’s strong desire for things to get better. By mentioning “praying with both hands together”, the imagery is that of someone earnestly hoping or even begging for a positive turn in their relationship. In simple terms, it’s like the singer is saying, “I really want things between us to improve, and I’m doing everything I can, even praying, hoping for better times.”
  4. The Promise of Commitment
    The line “나 너에게 약속할게 항상 네 곁에 있어 지킬게 (I promise you, I will always stay by your side and protect you)” clearly showcases the singer’s deep commitment. It’s not just about saying they’ll be there; it’s a heartfelt pledge. By using the words “promise” and “protect”, the singer wants the other person to know that they can count on them. Put simply, this is the singer’s way of saying, “You can trust me. No matter what happens, I’ll be right beside you, looking out for you.”
  5. Holding Onto Shared Promises
    In “네 곁에 있을게 약속을 잊진 말아줘 (I’ll be by your side, don’t forget the promise)” the singer wants the other person to remember their commitments and shared memories. The singer is essentially saying, “Let’s not forget the special bond we have and the promises we’ve made.” In simpler terms, even when times are hard, the singer is urging their loved one to remember their shared commitment and the strong connection they’ve built together.
  6. Admission of Concealed Emotions
    The line “하지만 너에게 숨겼던 나에게 (But to me, who hid from you)” sheds light on the singer’s past reticence in revealing their true feelings. The singer seems to acknowledge that there were times they held back or kept their emotions a secret. In simpler terms, it’s as if the singer is saying, “I admit, I wasn’t always open with you about how I felt, but I’m trying to change that and be more transparent now.”
  7. Acknowledging Pain and Assuring Comfort
    With the lines “I know your lie you don’t have to cry” and “넌 끝내 말하지 못해 그래도 괜찮아 나에겐 (You can’t say it in the end, but that’s okay to me)”, the singer emphasizes their deep understanding of the other person’s struggles and offers solace. It’s like they’re saying, “I know things have been hard, but I’m here to comfort and support you.”
  8. Being a Guiding Light
    The phrase “너의 별이 돼줄게 (I’ll become your star)” serves as a poetic metaphor, capturing the singer’s desire to be a beacon of hope and guidance for the other person. By referring to themselves as a “star”, the singer emphasizes their wish to shine light in the other person’s darkest times, ensuring they never feel lost. In simpler words, the singer is expressing, “No matter how dark things get, I’ll be there like a shining star, providing you light and direction, always brightening your way.”

In summary, “있을게(STAY)” by SATURDAY paints a touching picture of true love and steadfast commitment between two people. It acknowledges the imperfections of human nature, like how we sometimes get too caught up in our lives to be present for our loved ones. However, the song’s core message shines brightly: it’s filled with hope and a strong assurance that, no matter the situation, the bond remains unbreakable. Throughout the lyrics, there’s a repeated promise from the singer: they’ll always be there, come rain or shine, providing comfort and understanding. The word “stay” stands out, representing a vow of unwavering devotion. This song beautifully portrays a relationship built on trust, understanding, and an enduring promise to always be there for one another.

Disclaimer: The analysis of a song’s meaning provided in our articles is based on the lyrics and other available information. The interpretation of the song may vary from person to person, and our articles are not intended to provide a definitive understanding of the song’s meaning. Instead, they serve as one possible perspective on the themes and messages that the song might convey. If you would like to use or share the information provided here, please credit KPOPOFFICIAL.COM as the source.


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