[UPDATE] n.SSign “Wormhole: New Track” Lyrics, Meaning, and Song Credits


Song“Wormhole: New Track”
VocalKazuta, Eddie, Doha, Sungyun, Junhyeok, Robin, Hanjun, Laurence, Huiwon
Release DateAugust 9, 2023
Lyrics byKim Ha Ni (김하니), Yoo Han Jin (유한진)
Composed byYoo Han Jin (유한진), Moode
Arranged byYoo Han Jin (유한진)
Agencyn.CH Entertainment
DistributorKakao Entertainment
SourceMelon Korean Music Platform

1. n.SSign “Wormhole: New Track” Official MV


2. n.SSign “Wormhole: New Track” Lyrics

These lyrics are taken from Melon Korean Music Platform

온 세상을 흔들 This signal
네 맘속에 증폭이 돼
숨길 수 없는
빛의 향연 (Black Diamond)
떠올라 n.SSign yeah
It’s my time

끝을 몰라 Hmm
우리의 Map ay
광활한 땅 위에
Exciting exciting

경계가 없는 Road
Deeper deeper 여길 즐겨봐
웜홀로 들어간 넌 Jumping
Wanna wanna play

운명같은 SSign (우릴 묶어)
맘을 훔친 Stars (반복되네)
하나로 연결 (Beat Beat)
온몸으로 전해지는 (작은 입자)
거부할 수 없는 파장

손끝을 따라
반응하는 My body
뗄 수 없어 널
서로 얽혀 있는 걸
난 네 안에 Zola Zola
숨겨진 변수 All life
Zola Make an orbit Zola

까만 비밀에 쌓인 숲
우릴 지켜본 Who is 경계를 올려
한번 Kick 다 제압해
살며시 Yeah

뒤끝 있지 쿵 쿵
심장 소리 울려
더 세게 HIT칠까
커져가는 My land
드넓은 Universe
별들처럼 번져가

넌 내게 독약과 같은 걸
어느새 중독돼 I can’t move
I’m afraid I’m afraid
점점 더 커져가 날 또 자극해 넌
대체 뭐 길래 I’m on fire yeah

서로를 당기는 중력 속으로
끌려와 No cap
Oh 모든 게 계획적인 걸

Not afraid not afraid
커져만 가는 너 We are n.SSign
Oh 눈부시게 아름다운 향연들

손끝을 따라
반응하는 My body
뗄 수 없어 널
서로 얽혀 있는 걸
난 네 안에 Zola Zola
숨겨진 변수 All life
Zola That’s dope like a drama

모래바람이 가려도 너만 보여
내 손잡아 잃지 않아 너를 지킬게
넌 내 안에서 더 자유롭게
Uh 여유를 부려봐

Just keep it on New Track
Knock knock
My friend When Gee 지금 When Gee
갖고 있던 틀을 벗어나
My feel like it gosh gosh 말해봐 너
What do you want it 필요해 Please
누가 뭐래 Good boy 나
누가 봐도 Great HIT 너
세계를 향해 가 우리 경계는 없어 Yeah
두고 봐

Zola Zola
That is dope this track we like that
Zola Zola
모든 게 계획돼 있어 (끝을 몰라 Go)
Zola Zola
우리의 궤도를 만들어
Zola Zola
That’s dope New Track

3. n.SSign “Wormhole: New Track” Meaning

“Wormhole: New Track” by n.SSign is a compelling piece that blends elements of pop and trap to deliver a powerful message about ambition, destiny, and connection. At its heart, it resonates with themes of cosmic encounters and the lure of unknown territories, symbolized by references to the vastness of the universe.

The song encapsulates the overwhelming desire of n.SSign to carve out a unique space in the musical universe. It speaks to their ambition to transcend the norm and create a new musical paradigm, much like a wormhole suggests a passage through space-time that creates shortcuts for long journeys.

After understanding the main idea of “Wormhole: New Track” by n.SSign, let’s look at the song’s lyrics more closely, to better understand the story they’re telling and the feelings they’re sharing.

  1. Desire for Impact
    The lyric “온 세상을 흔들 This signal (Shake the whole world, this signal)” clearly demonstrates the singer’s aspiration to make a resounding mark on the world. It’s like the singer is announcing their intent to not just be another voice, but a signal that stands out and resonates with many.
  2. Value of Rarity
    In the phrase “빛의 향연 (Black Diamond)(Feast of light [Black Diamond]), the term ‘Black Diamond’ suggests something rare and valuable. The singer compares themselves or their talent to this gemstone, indicating how they feel unique and special in the vast musical universe.
  3. Embracing the Unknown
    The line “웜홀로 들어간 넌 Jumping (You’re jumping into the wormhole)” speaks to the allure of exploring uncharted territories. The reference to a ‘wormhole’ suggests diving into new opportunities or realms without fear, much like embracing a new genre or musical style.
  4. Destined Connections
    Through the words “운명같은 SSign (우릴 묶어)(SSign like fate [binding us together])”, the singer expresses the belief in destiny. They feel their music is meant to be heard and connect with listeners, forming bonds that were meant to be. It’s as if the universe conspired to bring their music to those who needed to hear it.
  5. Irresistible Attraction
    The phrase “뗄 수 없어 널 (I can’t let you go)” paints an image of a forceful, magnetic connection. It could be about an intimate bond between the artist and their passion or the deep connection they share with their fans. This line resonates with feelings of not wanting to let go of something or someone significant.
  6. Evolving and Growing
    In the line “커져만 가는 너 We are n.SSign (You’re growing, we are n.SSign)”, there’s an acknowledgment of growth and transformation. It’s a representation of their journey, of rising to stardom, and the universe of their fandom expanding.
  7. Pursuit of Innovation
    The phrase Just keep it on New Track” is a clear nod to the singer’s intent to stay ahead of the curve, constantly creating and innovating. It’s as if they’re saying, “We’re not here to follow; we’re here to lead.”
  8. Unwavering Focus
    With the line “모래바람이 가려도 너만 보여 (Even if the sandstorm hides, I only see you)”, there’s an emphasis on dedication and single-minded focus. No matter the challenges, distractions, or obstructions, their vision remains unclouded.
  9. Embracing Their Unique Sound
    The repetition of “Zola Zola” and the ending line “That’s dope New Track” highlights their pride in their unique sound. The singer seems to be saying, “This is us, this is our sound, and it’s unlike anything else out there.”

“Wormhole: New Track” by n.SSign delves deep into the journey of a musician filled with ambition, tenacity, and a desire to revolutionize music. The repeated cosmic references tie back to the larger theme of the album, suggesting the birth of a new era, just as wormholes in science fiction suggest new beginnings and unforeseen adventures. Through these lyrics, n.SSign paints a picture of their musical journey, filled with challenges, aspirations, and the thrill of the unknown, urging listeners to join them on this cosmic voyage.

Disclaimer: The analysis of a song’s meaning provided in our articles is based on the lyrics and other available information. The interpretation of the song may vary from person to person, and our articles are not intended to provide a definitive understanding of the song’s meaning. Instead, they serve as one possible perspective on the themes and messages that the song might convey. If you would like to use or share the information provided here, please credit KPOPOFFICIAL.COM as the source.


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