[CONCERT] NELL Concert Schedule 2023: NELL’S SEASON 2023 ‘Dance in the Rain’


KPOP OFFICIAL – Last Updated April 6, 2023 KST

ConcertNELL’S SEASON 2023 ‘Dance in the Rain’
DateMay 5-6, 2023 at 7 PM KST
VenueOlympic Hall (올림픽홀), Olympic Park, Seoul, South Korea
Ticket PriceR-seats priced at KRW 143,000
S-seats at KRW 121,000
Buy Tickethttps://www.globalinterpark.com/detail/edetail?prdNo=23004967&dispNo=01003
InformationNELL Official Instagram

Korean rock band Nell is set to hold their season brand concert “NELL’S SEASON 2023 Dance in the Rain” to decorate the spring. The concert will take place on May 5th and 6th at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park. This will be Nell’s first solo concert since “Goodbye, Hello in NELL’S ROOM 2022,” which marked the start of 2023, and will be a gift to fans who have been eagerly waiting for their return.


NELL’S SEASON began in 2014 with “Newton’s Apple” as Nell’s brand concert, showcasing planning and directing that incorporated the theme of each season, along with lighting and special effects that had never been seen before. It received high praise and has been ongoing since then. “Beautiful Day,” an acoustic concert in 2015, and “Peek at the letter ‘C’,” which announced Nell’s new start after launching the independent label “Space Bohemian” in 2016, have been remembered as representative performances of NELL’S SEASON.

Nell has been showcasing their growth through their performances, including “QUIET yet LOUD” in 2019 to commemorate their 20th debut anniversary, “LET THE HOPE SHINE IN” in 2020 despite the limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic, and “The Great Escape” in 2022, where they impressed audiences with overwhelming lighting effects.

Despite the recent departure of drummer Jung Jae-won, Nell’s upcoming concert is highly anticipated due to their history of impressive performances and stage manners, which have established them as a leading K-band in Korea.

Tickets for “NELL’S SEASON 2023 Dance in the Rain” can be purchased through Interpark from April 6th, with R-seats priced at KRW 143,000 and S-seats at KRW 121,000.

Source: Sports Kyunghyang, Sports Seoul, NELL Official Instagram, Interpark


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