[UPDATE] NCT DREAM Album “ISTJ”: Songs Description & Meaning


AlbumThe 3rd Album “ISTJ”
Title Track“ISTJ”
Pre-release“Broken Melodies”
Total Tracks10
VocalMark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Chenle, Jaemin, Jisung
Album Release DateJuly 17, 2023
DistributorKakao Entertainment
SourceMelon Korean Music Platform

NCT DREAM returns with their third full-length album ‘ISTJ’, showcasing a refined and diverse musicality across its ten tracks. The title track ‘ISTJ’ is a dynamic hybrid hip-hop dance song that delves into the relationship between contrasting personality types, drawing inspiration from the MBTI personality test. The album also features songs like ‘Broken Melodies’, expressing a determination to overcome any distance in love, ‘Yogurt Shake’, a portrayal of a shy heart, ‘Skateboard’ and ‘파랑 (Blue Wave)’ providing summer vibes, and ‘제자리 걸음 (Starry Night)’, which paints a romantic image of a summer night. Tracks like ‘Poison (모래성)’ depict the paradox of destructive love, ‘SOS’ is an honest hip-hop dance tune about longing, and ‘Pretzel (♡)’ likens love to a heart emoticon. Among these, ‘Like We Just Met’, co-written by all seven members, captures the ever-fresh nature of a love that feels new despite the time spent together.

NCT DREAM Album “ISTJ” Tracklist

1. ISTJ (Title Track)

Lyrics by KENZIE
Composed byKENZIE, Ronny Svendsen (Dsign Music), Adrian Thesen (Dsign Music),
Anne Judith Wik (Dsign Music), Bobii Lewis
Arranged byKENZIE, Ronny Svendsen (Dsign Music), Adrian Thesen (Dsign Music)
Music VideoYouTube
Official AudioSpotify

“ISTJ” by NCT DREAM is a unique, captivating hip-hop dance song that provides a fascinating exploration of human personalities. Released as part of their 3rd full album, ‘ISTJ’, it delves into the story of two individuals with contrasting personalities, particularly from the perspective of an ENFP interpreting their ISTJ counterpart.

The song title, “ISTJ,” refers to one of the 16 personality types described by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), which stands for Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging. This personality type is often described as logical, practical, and reserved, which forms the basis of the song’s narrative. The track’s storyline, combined with its high-energy rhythm and compelling lyrics, provides a captivating listening experience.

The intent of “ISTJ” is to explore the complexities of human personalities, particularly as they relate to relationships and interpersonal connections. The song presents a narrative where the speaker, presumably characterized as an ENFP (Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving), tries to understand and relate to their ISTJ counterpart, creating an engaging and multi-dimensional story. The song challenges the conventional norms and perceptions associated with the ISTJ personality type, emphasizing the value of individual interpretation and understanding.

2. Broken Melodies (Pre-release)

Song“Broken Melodies”
Lyrics by Bang Hye Hyun (방혜현), Park Tae Won (박태원), Anne Judith Wik, Sevn Dayz
Composed byRonny Svendsen, Adrian Thesen, Anne Judith Wik, Sevn Dayz
Arranged byRonny Svendsen, Pizzapunk
Music VideoYouTube
Official AudioSpotify

“Broken Melodies” by NCT DREAM is a powerful song that delves into the emotional complexities of a long-distance relationship. The lyrics bring to life the pain of separation, a deep longing for the loved one, and the determination to overcome the distance. With beautiful harmonies and intense guitar distortions, the song conveys a range of emotions from confusion and fear to steadfast love.

The heart of the song lies in its expression of a strong yearning for someone far away and the resolute desire to bridge this distance. Despite the emotional turmoil, the speaker stands firm in their commitment to reach their loved one, reflecting the enduring strength of love even in the face of adversity.

In essence, “Broken Melodies” captures the essence of a long-distance relationship – the struggles of physical separation, the persistence of love, and the determination to overcome obstacles. It’s a testament to the power of love, highlighting the speaker’s journey from confusion to finding strength in their longing. This song sends a poignant message that, despite the difficulties, love can motivate one to conquer all odds and find their way back to their loved one.


3. Yogurt Shake

Song“Yogurt Shake”
Korean Lyrics by Wutan
Composed byJayrah Gibson, Adrian McKinnon, John Fulford, JT Roach, Timothy “BOS” Bullock
Arranged byTimothy “BOS” Bullock
Official AudioYouTube
Official AudioSpotify

“Yogurt Shake” by NCT DREAM, a track from their third album “ISTJ,” is a delightful pop song that captures listeners’ attention with its catchy xylophone tunes and the contrasting mix of strong raps with gentle vocals. The song uses the metaphor of a ‘Yogurt Shake’ to explore a scenario where someone is unable to act naturally due to shyness when around their crush. This ‘Yogurt Shake’ is depicted as sweet, sour, and frequently stirred, symbolizing the character’s fluctuating emotions.

The essence of the song lies in its portrayal of the complex emotions felt when one is in love but too timid to express it. The speaker, who finds it challenging to behave normally around their love interest, depicts this person as “sweet and sour,” illustrating the mixed feelings they stir within. The ‘Yogurt Shake’ metaphor further resonates with this emotional turmoil, representing how the speaker’s life is jumbled, much like being in a hurricane whipped up by this ‘Yogurt Shake.’

Despite these swirling emotions, the speaker yearns for a relaxed connection with this person, embodying their strong attraction and desire. Ultimately, “Yogurt Shake” beautifully showcases the ups and downs of experiencing love, highlighting how such powerful feelings can push one beyond their shyness to reveal their true sentiments.

4. Skateboard

Korean Lyrics by SUAN (153/Joombas)
Composed bySebastian Thott, Alex Karlsson, Didrik Thott
Arranged bySebastian Thott
Official AudioYouTube
Official AudioSpotify

“Skateboard” by NCT DREAM is an energetic song that blends elements of hip-hop from the early 2000s and UK house music. It’s like a musical picture of the group’s youthful spirit, using the fun of skateboarding in the sun as a symbol. The song is about the joy of freedom, the thrill of adventure, and the energy of being young.

The speaker in the song encourages the listeners to step out of their everyday life and to find fun and excitement, just like going skateboarding. This idea captures the feeling of being young and ready to take on the world. The lyrics talk about the speaker’s love for speed and excitement, comparing these feelings to the ups and downs of growing up.

Key phrases like “Fly away” and “Way up in the sky” show that the speaker is always trying to do better and reach for more, whether that’s through skateboarding or in life. The song also reminds us that even when we fall, it’s important to pick ourselves up and keep going. In the end, “Skateboard” is a fun song that celebrates the spirit of being young, free, and full of energy.

5. 파랑 (Blue Wave)

Song“파랑 (Blue Wave)”
Korean Lyrics by Cho Yoon Kyung (조윤경)
Composed byBrandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Gino the Ghost
Arranged byBrandon Arreaga
Official AudioYouTube
Official AudioSpotify

“Blue Wave” by NCT DREAM is a medium pop song that immerses listeners in a refreshing summer atmosphere. The song uses vivid imagery of a blue sea, evocative vocals, and a soothing flute melody to create a captivating musical journey.

The speaker in the lyrics experiences emotions similar to waves in the ocean. The song reflects the thrill and dynamic essence of summer, with the speaker expressing a desire to fully embrace these feelings, symbolized by dancing and swimming in the waves.

The lyrics “Dive into your love, I want to fall in, Surfing as if dreaming” show the speaker’s willingness to dive into love and navigate these feelings, symbolizing the allure of embracing the unknown. The song encourages listeners to fearlessly engage with their emotions and enjoy life’s journey.

6. Poison (모래성)

Song“Poison (모래성)”
Korean Lyrics by Jang Jung Won (장정원) (JamFactory)
Composed byLudvig Evers, Jonatan Gusmark, Bobii Lewis, Parker Ighile
Arranged byMoonshine
Official AudioYouTube
Official AudioSpotify

“Poison (모래성)” by NCT DREAM is an R&B song that blends beautiful music with a deep story. It’s about someone who has fallen for a person who can easily hurt their heart – just like how a strong wave can wreck a sandcastle.

The song is about the confusing parts of love. The speaker knows that his love interest can easily break his heart, yet he finds himself irresistibly drawn to them. This person is referred to as ‘Poison’ in the lyrics, embodying the potential harm they can cause but also the intoxicating allure they hold for the speaker. The song is about dealing with these mixed feelings, which many people can relate to when they’ve experienced complex love.

The lyrics “Dreaming bout you, Dreaming bout you, wrap me up and break me in my mind” captures the speaker’s struggle. Despite his knowing the destructive nature of his love, he still finds himself dreaming and longing for this person. “Poison in my mind” suggests that the speaker is aware of the toxic impact of this relationship on his mental state but is too infatuated to pull away. It’s a song about the harsh realities of love, where the heart often overrules the mind, leading to beautiful yet possibly painful experiences.

7. SOS

Korean Lyrics by Rick Bridges
Composed by1-800-RUDEBOY, Je’Juan Antonio, Jordain Johnson, Hautboi Rich
Arranged by1-800-RUDEBOY
Official AudioYouTube
Official AudioSpotify

“SOS” by NCT DREAM is a hip-hop dance track that offers an energetic musical experience by combining unpredictable section transitions with synth sounds. The song explores the emotional aftermath of a breakup, with the speaker still deeply in love and wanting to hold on. Even though their ex-partner wants to move on, the speaker struggles to let go, expressing a longing to maintain their bond.

The song aims to express the deep feelings someone can have after a breakup. The speaker in the song still has strong feelings for their ex and can’t stop wanting to be a part of their life, even though their ex wants to be free of their past relationship. The energetic and lively music reflects the intense emotions the speaker is experiencing, making their longing and desperation even more noticeable.

The words “SOS, send an SOS, SOS, 3 2 1 we’re about to crash” in the chorus show the speaker’s emotional struggle. It’s like they’re on a sinking ship, sending out a distress signal. The lines “Am I alive, the sirens are fading away, I might burn following the fire, even if it hurts me, I’m just endlessly, over and over again, heading towards you” underline the speaker’s determination to keep pursuing their ex, despite knowing that they might get hurt. The song is like a story about those intense relationships that, while potentially harmful, are incredibly difficult to let go of.

8. Pretzel (♡)

Song“Pretzel (♡)”
Korean Lyrics by Jang Jung Won (장정원) (JamFactory)
Composed byLudwig Lindell, Chris Meyer, Pontus “Oneye” Kalm
Arranged byLudwig Lindell, Pontus “Oneye” Kalm
Official AudioYouTube
Official AudioSpotify

“Pretzel (♡)” by NCT DREAM is a catchy pop track featuring a pleasant synth intro and a simple yet groovy beat. The speaker in the song uses the pretzel, often associated with the heart shape, as a playful and sweet metaphor to express feelings towards a significant other. This song’s light-hearted and enjoyable approach invites listeners to dive into a delightful musical experience.

The song’s main intent is to express a playful and endearing love. The speaker compares their love and emotions for their significant other to a pretzel, highlighting the twists and turns that make love exciting and unpredictable. It’s an honest yet sweet expression of how the speaker’s feelings for their significant other have grown over time. The lyrics “Mix up 별 의미 없던 나의 감정들을 섞어 넌 특별하게 바꿔놔” (Mix up the emotions that had no meaning, you change them into something special) emphasizes how their love interest has transformed ordinary feelings into something extraordinary.

The lyrics “Pretzel (Count ten) 잠깐만 잠깐만 좀 더 부풀게 놔둬” (Pretzel (Count ten), wait, just wait a little longer, let it rise more) suggests the speaker’s anticipation and patience in love. The lines “ooh 숨 가쁜 열기 속에서 (Heat it up) 내 맘은 Ready for you” (ooh in the breathless heat (Heat it up), my heart is ready for you) capture the excitement and readiness of the speaker to express their love. The song encapsulates the joyous, sweet, and sometimes challenging journey of falling in love, making it relatable to many who have experienced the same.

9. 제자리 걸음 (Starry Night)

Song“제자리 걸음 (Starry Night)”
Korean Lyrics by Kang Eun Jeong (강은정)
Composed byHRDR, Justin Reinstein
Arranged byHRDR
Official AudioYouTube
Official AudioSpotify

“Starry Night” by NCT Dream is a tender and romantic R&B pop track. The speaker in the song is a character who is so entranced by their loved one that they find themselves constantly wandering, forgetting time and everything else around them. The song is set against the backdrop of a beautiful starry night, and the melody evokes feelings of longing and sweetness, perfectly matching the delicate bossa nova guitar strains that form the rhythm.

The song aims to capture the bittersweet moments of longing and longingness one feels when they are deeply in love but are forced to part ways with their beloved. It’s about the speaker’s experience of being so caught up in their feelings for their loved one that they end up lingering in the same spot, unwilling to leave, as if stuck in an endless loop. The speaker uses the image of walking round and round, like the cycle of night and day, to convey these intense emotions.

Throughout the song, the speaker expresses a strong desire to hold onto every moment they share with their loved one, afraid of losing any fragment of their shared time. The repeated lyrics, “You and me, I want to walk a little more, side by side, again at the same place,” depict a yearning to prolong the shared moments, even if they are just wandering aimlessly together. Similarly, the lines “I cannot sleep with the starlight, in my eyes that have encountered, filled with you, yeah, I hold onto the day,” suggest a desperate attempt to capture and preserve the beauty of their love in their memories, symbolized by the sleepless starlight.

10. Like We Just Met

Song“Like We Just Met”
Korean Lyrics by Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, Jisung
Composed byAllegro, Dan Johnson, Robbie Jay, Mark, Jeno, Jaemin
Arranged byAllegro
Official AudioYouTube
Official AudioSpotify

“Like We Just Met” by NCT DREAM is a soft song, mainly based on the gentle sounds of an acoustic guitar. Its touching singing style perfectly matches the song’s theme. All seven members worked together on the song lyrics, which talks about a love that feels as new and exciting as the day it started, no matter how much time has passed.

The main message of the song is about the special feeling of love that stays fresh, like the first time two people meet. Every time the person singing (or the “speaker”) looks at their loved one, they feel that initial excitement. The repeated line, “Like we just met”, shows that this feeling stays strong and doesn’t fade.

The song describes a deep love story where the feeling of first meeting someone never goes away. The lines like “I look in your eyes and it still feels like we just met” highlight this. When the song talks about “starlight” and “warm hands”, it’s painting a picture of comfort and a deep connection. Even when things change, the song promises that the love shared will always be as special as the first time. In simple terms, the song is a beautiful message about love that never gets old.

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