[UPDATE] Kpop Comeback Schedule July 2020


KPOP OFFICIAL – Last Updated July 31, 2020 KST

Need a new Kpop song for your playlist? Check out all Kpop new songs and Kpop music videos in Kpop Comeback Schedule July 2020 below!

Kpop Comeback Schedule July 2020

*Last update: July 31, 2020 (Updated Everyday) | *[New] = New added

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Comeback DateKpop ArtistsComeback Song / AlbumBuy Album
July 1, 2020VERIVERY“Thunder” / FACE YOUiTunes / Amazon
July 1, 2020ZICO“Summer Hate” / Random BoxiTunes / Amazon
July 2, 2020Kassy“TOCK TOCK”iTunes
July 2, 2020BA14 Sandeul “Smile Box”iTunes / Amazon
July 3, 2020Jooyoung x Heize“Love Distance”iTunes
July 5, 2020Stray Kids “Easy” (New MV from Album in June)iTunes / Amazon
July 6, 2020Chungha“Play”iTunes / Amazon
July 6, 2020RED VELVET Irene & Seulgi (Subunit) “Monster”iTunes / Amazon
July 6, 2020SF9 “Summer Breeze” iTunes / Amazon
July 6, 2020ZICO “Cartoon”iTunes / Amazon
July 7, 2020(G)I-DLE“i’M THE TREND” iTunes
July 7, 2020DONGKIZ I:KAN Y.O.UiTunes / Amazon
July 7, 2020SEONGRI “My Angel”iTunes
July 7, 2020Zion.T and E Sens “Confirmed”iTunes
July 7, 2020EXO-SC Feat. 10CM“Telephone”iTunes / Amazon
July 8, 2020GreatGuys “RUN”iTunes / Amazon
July 8, 2020Yukika Teramoto “Yesterday”iTunes / Amazon
July 8, 2020EXO-SC Chanyeol“Nothin”iTunes / Amazon
July 9, 2020EXID Solji“Rains Again”iTunes
July 9, 2020Suran “Relax Moment”iTunes
July 10, 2020EXO SC – Sehun “On Me”iTunes / Amazon
July 10, 2020SPECTRUM (Disband) ❌❌❌
July 10, 2020Hoody & Bronze “Submarine”iTunes
July 11, 2020SSAK3 “In Summer”iTunes
July 12, 2020DAY6 Wonpil and Hello Ga-Young“Did You Wake Up?”iTunes
July 13, 2020Cross Gene’s Seyoung “Bruise”
July 13, 2020GFRIEND“Apple” / 回:Song of the SirensiTunes / Amazon
July 13, 2020EXO SC (Sehun Chanyeol) “1 Billion Views”iTunes / Amazon
July 13, 2020Eric Nam OST“Count on Me”iTunes
July 14, 2020Jeong Sewoon“Say Yes”iTunes / Amazon
July 14, 2020Pink Fantasy “Shadow Play”iTunes
July 14, 2020Crush “OHIO”, “Let me”iTunes
July 14, 2020Baek Ji Young“I Still Love You a Lot”iTunes
July 15, 2020Apink Eunji “AWay”iTunes / Amazon
July 15, 2020TOO “Count 1, 2” / Running TOOgetheriTunes / Amazon
July 15, 2020GIANT PINK “Burn Out”iTunes
July 15, 2020Dreamcatcher “R.o.S.E BLUE”iTunes
July 16, 2020XRO (Debut) “Welcome To My Jungle”iTunes
July 16, 2020AleXa “Villain”iTunes
July 16, 20201THE9 “Bad Guy”iTunes / Amazon
July 16, 2020MAMAMOO Hwasa“LMM”iTunes / Amazon
July 17, 2020MIND U “Star”iTunes
July 18, 2020SSAK3 (Digital)“Beach Again”iTunes
July 19, 2020B.O.Y Yuvin “Through Love”iTunes
July 20, 2020Cross Gene’s Seyoung “EGO”iTunes
July 20, 2020Red Velvet Irene & Seulgi “Naughty”iTunes / Amazon
July 21, 2020D.COY “Go Away”iTunes
July 21, 2020Yukika Teramoto  “Soul Lady”iTunes / Amazon
July 22, 2020SOMI “What You Waiting For”iTunes / Amazon
July 22, 2020SNSD Hyoyeon (DJ HYO) “Dessert”iTunes
July 23, 2020Lee Hi“HOLO”iTunes
July 23, 2020Huh Chanmi “Lights”
July 23, 2020Super Junior Kyuhyun “Dreaming”iTunes
July 24, 2020M.O.N.T “Aqua Tape”
July 24, 2020N.Flying “Starlight”iTunes
July 24, 2020VIXX Ravi, Red Velvet Yeri, & AB6IX Jeon Woong “Women On The Beach”iTunes
July 25, 2020SSAK3 (MV)“Beach Again”iTunes
July 25, 2020DAY6 Young K“Text Me Now”iTunes
July 26, 2020Jieun “MIL(Make it love)”iTunes / Amazon
July 26, 2020Dam Donghyun / BOYHOOD “Retro Love”
July 27, 2020Hightlight Doojoon“Lonely Night”iTunes
July 27, 2020Kang Daniel “Waves”iTunes / Amazon
July 27, 2020ONEUS“Come Back Home”iTunes
July 28, 2020Soyou “GOTTA GO”iTunes
July 28, 2020VIXX Ravi ft. Ha Sung-woon“Paradise”Apple Music
July 29, 2020ATEEZ“INCEPTION” iTunes / Amazon
July 29, 2020APRIL “Now or Never”Amazon
July 29, 2020LOONA Chuu “Spring Flower”
July 30, 2020Eric Nam “Paradise”Amazon
July 30, 2020Jessi “Nunu Nana”Apple Music
July 31, 2020S.I.S “Don’t Wait”
July 31, 2020M.O.N.T“BOOM BANG”Apple Music
July 31, 2020KEEMBO“99”Apple Music

July 1, 2020


VERIVERY will make comeback on July 1 at 6 p.m. KST with 4th mini-album “FACE YOU.”


BLOCK B Zico will make comeback on July 1, 2020 with 3rd mini album ‘RANDOM BOX’ and title track “Summer Hate”.

KOZ Entertainment revealed that Rain is featuring in Zico’s title track “Summer Hate,” from his 3rd EP “Random Box.” The EP features a total of six tracks, all written and composed by Zico, and will be released on July 1, 2020 at 6 p.m. KST.

July 2, 2020


Kassy will make comeback with an R&B track “Tock Tock” on July 2, 2020

BA14 Sandeul

B1A4 Sandeul will drop second release “생각집” of his project album on July 2, 2020


July 3, 2020

Jooyoung x Heize

Heize will feature on Jooyoung’s new song that will be released on July 3, 2020

July 5, 2020

Stray Kids

Stray Kids has released a new music video for “Easy,” another B-side from their first full-length album “GO生” (“GO LIVE”) that was released in June 2020 (title track “God’s Menu”).

July 6, 2020


Chungha will release 2nd pre-release single on July 6, 2020 and title track “Play”

RED VELVET Irene & Seulgi (Subunit)

RED VELVET Irene & Seulgi (Subunit) will make comeback by releasing a new song ‘Monster’ on July 6, 2020 with 1st mini album “Monster”. The ‘Monster’ music video was released on July 7, 2020. The pre-orders for the mini album will be open on June 22. (Buy on Amazon).

RED Velvet Irene & SEULGI - Monster (1st Mini Album) Album+Extra Photocards...

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On July 6, 2020, Zico will release a music video for “Cartoon,” a track off of his 3rd solo mini-album ‘Random Box that was already released on July 1, 2020


SF9 will make comeback in July 6, 2020 with 8th mini album “9loryUS”. The song will be called “Summer Breeze” in English, and the Korean title translates to, “The scent of summer makes me dance.”

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