[UPDATE] KARD Concert Schedule 2023: PLAYGROUND World Tour


KPOP OFFICIAL – Last Updated June 6, 2023 KST

Korean co-ed group, KARD, has announced their 2023 World Tour titled “2023 KARD WORLD TOUR <PLAYGROUND>”, set to be an exciting global spectacle for their fans, known as Hidden KARDs. The tour spans across three continents, starting from Monterrey, Mexico, and wrapping up in Paris, France.

The tour is expected to make its way through several cities in North and Central America, before heading over to Europe. From the vibrant stages of Mexico City and New York to the historical cities of Madrid and London, each performance promises to bring KARD’s unique energy and musical style to fans around the world.

1. KARD Concert Schedule: July 2023

KARD Concert DateKARD Concert Venue and City
July 6, 2023Monterrey
July 8, 2023Mexico City
July 14, 2023Heredia
July 17, 2023New York
July 19, 2023Washington
July 21, 2023Atlanta
July 23, 2023Chicago
July 25, 2023Louisville
July 29, 2023Dallas
July 31, 2023Phoenix

2. KARD Concert Schedule: August 2023

KARD Concert DateKARD Concert Venue and City
August 2, 2023Los Angeles
August 4, 2023San Francisco
August 30, 2023Budapest

3. KARD Concert Schedule: September 2023

KARD Concert DateKARD Concert Venue and City
September 1, 2023Madrid
September 4, 2023Frankfurt
September 6, 2023London
September 8, 2023Paris

Remember to stay updated by following KARD on their official social media platforms for the latest news and announcements related to the tour. It’s going to be a thrilling ride, so get ready to join KARD on their worldwide <PLAYGROUND>!


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