KARA Sheds Tears in Emotional Fan Meeting “MOVE AGAIN” After Nine-Year Hiatus


KPOP OFFICIAL – Last Updated April 8, 2023 KST

K-pop group KARA shed tears of joy as they met with fans for the first time in approximately 9 years.

On April 8, 2023, KARA held their solo fan meeting, “KARA 15TH ANNIVERSARY FAN MEETING 2023 – MOVE AGAIN – IN SEOUL”, at Sejong University Daeyang Hall in Seoul. This marks KARA’s first domestic fan meeting since the ‘2014 KAMILIA Day Fan Meeting’ held in May 2014.


An hour before the event began, fans started to gather at the venue, including not only domestic fans but also fans from Japan, China, and other Asian countries. The atmosphere was filled with laughter as fans showed their support with various KARA merchandise.

The performance started about 7 minutes late, but fans eagerly waited for KARA, cheering loudly as the members appeared on stage. The presence of fans filling most of the seats on both the first and second floors showed KARA’s enduring popularity.

KARA had previously held ‘MOVE AGAIN’ solo fan meetings in three Japanese cities, showcasing their strong popularity as ‘Hallyu Queens’ with all events selling out immediately after tickets went on sale.

KARA opened their fan meeting with the stage performance of “WHEN I MOVE.” With their dazzling dance moves and charismatic expressions, KARA perfectly signaled the beginning of the event. After the performance, Seungyeon said, “Let’s give our 1000% energy and create beautiful memories together until the end.” Gyuri and Nicole excited the fans by saying, “It took us three hours during the fan meeting held in the daytime. If we had known, we would have held a concert instead.” They also added, “We are so happy to be able to wrap up with the Seoul fan meeting today” as they greeted the fans.

On this day, comedian Kim Kyung Wook, who is gaining popularity with his alter ego character ‘Tanaka,’ took charge of the event and added more fun. During the subsequent talk about their recent status, Gyuri said, “I’m so touched to meet our fans after a long time. These days are so happy because I have more time to spend with the members and fans.” She continued, “There have been times when junior singers told us that we set a good example as an idol group, and they are thankful for that. It felt good to know that we could give that feeling to someone. We are so grateful and it made us think that we should take on more responsibility in the future.”


KARA members then discussed each other’s charms, showcasing their close-knit teamwork. First, Gyuri talked about Seungyeon, saying, “She has various charms. She has a deep heart. The way she cares for fans and members is exceptional.” Seungyeon said about Jiyoung, “She’s not only pretty but also has a great personality.” Jiyoung expressed her affection for Youngji, saying, “She has a deep inner side and a really good personality.” Youngji revealed her affection for Nicole, saying, “She’s my older sister, but she’s cute. At the same time, her dance moves are so pretty. She looks beautiful and lovely when she does the choreography.” Nicole took good care of the eldest sister, Gyuri, saying, “She is a warm person beneath her sophisticated appearance.”

KARA also spent time interacting with fans, reading their stories submitted in advance, and presenting fans with the gifts they requested on stage. They also took photos with fans who won the story submissions, creating unforgettable memories for them.

After performing “STEP” and “Oxygen,” the members gave their final remarks. Jiyoung tearfully said, “It’s been a while since our comeback, and we wanted to be close and do many things with you all. Actually, it wasn’t a promise that we would meet for our 15th anniversary. I think this event happened because we all earnestly wished for it without making promises. What we really wanted was a moment where we could all be together, look into each other’s eyes, and dance. We plan to work hard in every event in the future, so let’s meet again.”

Seungyeon stated, “Fans have waited for us longer than the time we were active. I’m sorry that we even had to promise anything. Please continue to support us unchangingly.” Nicole expressed her gratitude, saying, “Someone said, ‘KARA was my youth.’ We’re grateful for being a part of your youth throughout these long years. To us, our fans are also our youth.” Youngji added, “It’s already been 9 years since I debuted with KARA. The members often told me they were thankful for protecting KARA, but it’s not just because of me – it’s thanks to the members and our fans. It’s because our fans have always been there for us. Thank you for protecting KARA together.”

Finally, Gyuri left a heartfelt message, saying, “I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. This moment is so precious. The reason why I live is because of all of you. The reason why I can endure each day is because of KARA’s activities and the love of our fans. We are also putting in a lot of effort to be able to come back anytime. Please continue to wait for us together in the future.”

Last year, KARA made a successful comeback as a complete group with their title track “WHEN I MOVE,” topping domestic music charts and winning trophies on music shows, showcasing their immense popularity. KARA debuted in the music industry in March 2007 as a six-member group and gained immense popularity with hit songs such as “Pretty Girl,” “Jumping,” “Step,” “Honey,” and “Pandora.” During their career, Nicole and Kang Jiyoung left the group, and Heo Youngji joined, transforming KARA into a four-member group. However, with Nicole and Kang Jiyoung’s return last year, the group now consists of five members.

Source: Xports News, Ilgan Sports

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