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KPOP OFFICIAL – Last Updated July 1, 2020 KST

A). Kang Daniel Profile

Kang Daniel Real NameKang Eui-geon [강의건]
Kang Daniel Stage NameKang Daniel
Kang Daniel Korean Name (Hangul)강다니엘
Kang Daniel NationalityKorean
Kang Daniel BirthdayDecember 10, 1996
Kang Daniel Blood TypeA
Kang Daniel Education2003-2008 Cheonghak Elementary School
2009-2011 Shinseon Middle School
2012-2013 Peniel High School of the Arts (Modern Dance major; Ballet 2nd major)
2017 GED Certification
2018-2020 Kyunghee Cyber University (Applied Music Department)
Kang Daniel Height1.80m
Kang Daniel Weight67kg approx
Kang Daniel Company/Label Current: KONNECT Entertainment & KD Corporation
Previous: MMO – YMC – Swing – LM
Kang Daniel Fandom NameDanity
Kang Daniel Logo
Kang Daniel Lightstick
Kang Daniel YouTubeYouTube
YouTube Music
Kang Daniel Instagramdaniel.k.here
Kang Daniel Twitter@konnect_danielk
Kang Daniel VLIVE강다니엘 (KANGDANIEL)
Kang Daniel WeiboKangDaniel_姜丹尼尔
Kang Daniel Official Websitehttp://danielk.konnectent.com/
Kang Daniel Girl FriendPark Ji-hyo (Leader of Girl Group TWICE)
Kang Daniel Previous GroupWanna One
Kang Daniel Pet4 cats – Rooney, Peter, Ori, and Zhang-ah
Kang Daniel Net Worth$1 Million – $5 Million (Approx.)

B). 25 Important Facts About Kang Daniel

1. Kang Daniel, Born in Busan and Becomes Honorary Ambassador For Busan City

Kang Daniel was born as Kang Eui-geon [강의건] on December 10, 1996, in Busan, South Korea.

Does Kang Daniel have siblings? No, Kang Daniel is the only child of his family.

In April 2019, Busan city organized an event to allow citizens to propose “PR ambassador of Busan city”, the most capable person in promoting Busan’s appeal. On June 12, 2019, News announced that Kang Daniel has been selected as a promotional ambassador for Busan.

Kang Daniel attended the Official Busan Ambassador ceremony on July 7, 2020. He commented, “I’ve always wanted to do something for Busan, the city I was born and raised in. I’m glad and feel a sense of responsibility to be named as [the city’s] promotional ambassador. Even though [Busan] is already a great city, I will try my best to be even a little bit of help for it to grow into becoming a better city.” (source)

2. Kang Daniel Legally Changed His Name

Kang Daniel legally changed his name from Kang Eui-geon to Kang Daniel [강다니엘] due to his family and relatives having difficulty pronouncing his name.

On MBC Radio Star, Kang Daniel said, “There are many people who think I’m a foreigner. My name is Kang Daniel, but I was born in Busan. My real name is Kang Eui Geon, and I got my current name myself through the Bible.”(source)

3. Kang Daniel Raised by His Mom Alone (Parents Divorced)

Kang Daniel grew up in Busan with his mother. His parents got divorced when he was younger.

During an Interview on MBC Radio Star, he said, “There are rumors that I was expelled from school and went around beating up other kids. Ever since middle school, I was into b-boying. I entered an art school based on my grades, but the tuition was so expensive that I dropped out. My mother raised me alone, so our financial situation was really horrible.”

Kang Daniel also revealed that he supported his family from the money he earned, “I sent money to my mother right away. My parents got a divorce when I was younger. I wasn’t in touch with my father because he’s busy, but he recently called me. He said his tooth hurt but couldn’t get it treated, so I sent him money for treatment right away.” (source)


4. Kang Daniel Almost Gave Up and Run Away To Canada

Kang Daniel moved to Seoul to pursue his dream of being an idol. He was a trainee under B2M Entertainment but due to management separation, he then moved to MMO Entertainment.

On MBC Radio Star Kang Daniel revealed, “I entered my first agency at the age of 20, but it wasn’t in a good situation. The agency rented a house, and there was a practice room in the basement. There were no dancing lessons. Because the agency wasn’t in good circumstances, it got taken over by another agency.”

He continued, “I became a part of MMO, but even there, it didn’t seem like my preparations to debut were going well, so I made a passport. I was going to run away to Canada. I was then offered a chance to appear in ‘Produce 101 Season 2’, so I was going to use it as my last chance, and I ended up here today.” (source)

4. Kang Daniel Debuted with Wanna One

On Produce 101 season 2 final, Kang Daniel was announced as the overall winner and debuted as the center (main role) of project boy group Wanna One under YMC Entertainment.

The official debuted was during Wanna One Premier Show-Con on August 7, at the Gocheok Sky Dome with the debut mini-album 1×1=1 (To Be One).

During the preparation of his debut, he was joining the cast member of the pilot season of MBC variety show ‘It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets’.

He then joined the cast member of SBS variety show ‘Master Key’ which granted him the Rookie Award (Variety Category) at the 2017 SBS Entertainment Awards.

In the following year, he also received the Rookie Award (Variety Category) at the 2018 MBC Entertainment Awards for his appearance as the main cast in MBC variety show ‘It’s Dangerous Beyond The Blankets Season 2’.

He was the main model for Davichi’s “Days Without You” (너 없는 시간들) music video.

As part of Wanna One unit’s “Trip Position,” he won Best Unit Award at the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards.

He concluded his contract with Wanna One on December 31, but still appeared at the group official farewell concerts on January 24 to 27, 2019.

5. Kang Daniel Bromance

A bromance is a close but non-sexual relationship between two or more men. It is an exceptionally tight, affectional, homosocial male bonding relationship exceeding that of usual friendship, and is distinguished by a particularly high level of emotional intimacy.

Below are some popular bromances of Kang Daniel.

1). Ha Sung Woon Kang Daniel dating scandal. There was a search term related to Ha Sung Woon and Kang Daniel dating scandal. On The MBC Weekly Idol, Ha Sung Woon explained how that scandal started.

Ha Sung Woon said, “I was surprised when I saw it, too, so I looked up what it was about. Daniel lifted me a lot. He’s big and I’m small, so he would hug me from the back and goof around that way. Seeing that, I think the fans affectionately started [calling it a dating scandal].” (source)

2). Kang Daniel Lee Woo Jin bromance. Kang Daniel and Lee Woo Jin bromance were touching the highlight during Produce 101 Season 2. Lee Woo Jin said in a past interview, “It’s true that I’m close with Kang Daniel, but I didn’t know it would be called a ‘bromance,’”. The power of editing was strong. It was thanks to him that the public found out more about me. I’m grateful to him. But surprisingly, I don’t contact Kang Daniel very much because neither of us looks at our phones a lot.”

Lee Woo Jin also said, “Kang Daniel taught me a lot about dancing. He also really has the feel of an idol. He’s cool. I learned from him about the talents that idols need to have.” (source)

6. Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment Dispute

Initially, after Kang Daniel’s contract with YMC was over he supposed to move to LM Entertainment, but on March 21, 2019, he submitted an application to suspend his exclusive contract. Read more about Kang Daniel dispute with LM entertainment here: Dispatch Reports Details Regarding Kang Daniel’s Conflict with LM Entertainment

7. Kang Daniel Debuted as Solo Artist

Kang Daniel officially debuts as a solo artist on July 25, 2019, with the debut EP “Color on Me”.


8. Kang Daniel as CEO and Artist for His Own Company

Kang Daniel established two companies and becomes the CEO for both, KONNECT Entertainment, and KD Corporation.

KONNECT Entertainment is Kang Daniel’s company for his future activities in the entertainment business, meanwhile, KD Corporation will be in charge of Kang Daniel’s non-entertainment business. (source)

Daniel said, “At first, the title CEO was awkward. I especially can’t get used to it when I approve important contracts and have to sign as both the CEO and the model at the same time.” (source)

9. Kang Daniel and His Manager Relationship

Kang Daniel and his manager, Jung Dong Yoon, once appeared as guests on the June 6 episode of the variety show MBC “The Manager”. Kang Daniel expressed how he loves working with his manager.

He also thinks that his manager is a funny person and always makes him laugh which no one else around him seemed to find him funny.

During the show, Kang Daniel recalled that his manager had started working just when things were getting rough. “You came at a chaotic time before everything had settled down (the time when Daniel went on a hiatus for several months last December due to physical and mental health concern). It was when I was going through the hardest time. Back then, when I was going through a rough time, you came to my house every day, without missing a single day. You would come to see me, and we’d play games and eat together. Just having someone there by my side was nice in and of itself.” (source)


10. Kang Daniel and SEVENTEEN Woozi are Close Friends

Kang Daniel has a close friendship with SEVENTEEN Woozi. When Radio DJ Kim Tae Gyun asked which celebrity he wants to travel with, he answered, “I’m the closest to SEVENTEEN’s Woozi, and I think [Woozi] likes sports, so [I’m thinking] we should go to Greenland to ski together.” (source)

11. Kang Daniel Ideal Type

For his ideal type, Kang Daniel said he likes all girls, as long as the girl isn’t taller than him. He also mentioned that he likes girl who able to catch and kill bugs for him. Kang Daniel also prefers older women.

During KBS Happy Together appearance, Kang Daniel explained, “I’m the type to ask someone out first. Busan people are generally brusque, but I would approach my girlfriend more tenderly.”

He gave some examples and said, “If we’re eating and my girlfriend says, ‘This place is delicious,’ I would say, ‘I can come here forever with you.’”

The singer gave another sweet case and shared, “When we go watch a movie I would say, ‘My friends were all available, but I want to watch the movie with you.’”

When asked if he would prefer a younger or older girlfriend, Kang Daniel answered, “I like older [women]. I like a person I can learn a lot from.”

He also talked about the nickname he wants to use for a girlfriend and said, “Females generally tend to be shorter than me and have small hands, so I would call her ‘kiddo.’”

Then Kang Daniel talked about how he likes to help out with tasks that don’t require help and said, “I would help my girlfriend put on her shoes and use my hands instead of using a shoe horn.” (Source)


12. Kang Daniel Girlfriend, Dating & Relationship

Currently, Kang Daniel is dating TWICE Jihyo. Their dating news broke in August 5, 2019, when Dispatch published photographs of the two near his luxury villa in Hannam-dong in Seoul.

The dating news was confirmed on the same day. Jihyo’s agency JYP Entertainment and Kang Daniel’s agency KONNECT Entertainment commented, “They are currently meeting with interest in each other.” Later on that day, Kang Daniel also posted a letter to fans following his dating news with Jihyo. SpoTV News reported that Im Seulong is the idol sunbae that introduced TWICE’s Jihyo and Kang Daniel to each other.

Im Seulong debuted as part of JYP Entertainment’s ballad group 2AM in 2008. Jihyo became a JYP trainee in July 2005, so she and Im Seulong spent two to three years together as trainees. According to several industry sources, Im Seulong is an idol senior that Kang Daniel follows and trusts, which is how he was able to act as a link between the two junior idols. (source)

13. Kang Daniel was Diagnosed with Depression and Panic Disorder

In 2019, Kang Daniel was diagnosed with depression and panic disorder. Later in December 2019, he took a break from his activities due to physical and mental health concerns. (source)

14. Kang Daniel Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy is a chronic sleep disorder characterized by overwhelming daytime drowsiness and sudden attacks of sleep.

Kang Daniel revealed that he has narcolepsy during MBC variety show, “It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets,”. Kang Daniel stated that he falls asleep in the shower while washing his hair, or at the table while eating a meal with food in his mouth.


15. Kang Daniel Snores The Loudest

In KBS Happy Together, Samuel revealed that Kang Daniel snores the loudest

When asked which of the other trainees snored the most, Samuel laughed and asked if it was really okay if he said. When he was encouraged to answer, he quickly apologized to Kang Daniel, before naming him.

As the others laughed in surprise, Samuel said, “I didn’t think he’d snore either!” (Source)

16. Kang Daniel Nickname “Donation Angel”

Kang Daniel other nickname is “donation angel” because he makes many donations to those in need. When The Star magazine asked about it, he answered, “It’s not that I do it for a special reason or meaning. I received a lot of help from those around me when I was struggling, so I just want to help others who are having a hard time.” (source)

17. Kang Daniel’s Favorite Music and Movies

Kang Daniel’s favorite music is hip hop and music with strong, and powerful concepts. (source)

Kang Daniel’s favorite movies that he would recommend are Lord of The Rings series (he even watched more than 7 times), Harry Potter series (he even read the book before the film), Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, and Ready Player One. (source)

18. Kang Daniel Role Model

In Happy Together Episode 517, Kang Daniel revealed his role model. He admires SEVENTEEN because of their teamwork, BTS because of their power, EXO because they are just great, Kang Daniel likes Kai the most because of his dance skill and sexiness.


19. Kang Daniel and His Legendary Adidas Pants

Among fans, Kang Daniel is well-known for always wearing his favorite and legendary Adidas Pants.

20. Kang Daniel Wants To Star Hot Chocolate and Coffee Commercials

Kang Daniel revealed that he wants to star in hot chocolate and coffee commercials, on KBS2 Happy Together he said, “I haven’t yet tried hot chocolate or coffee commercials. For hot chocolate, since I like younger children, I would like to sit around with kids and say stuff like ‘This is good!’” (source)

21. List of Kang Daniel Commercial

Kang Daniel has starred in many commercials such as Puma, Pepsi, Calvin Klein, KT Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Aura Red, Mexicana Chicken, Subway, Givenchy Beauty and more.

22. Why Kang Daniel is So Popular?

Kang Daniel is one of South Korea’s top idols at the moment, with a very high brand reputation ranking, according to The Korean Business Research Institute. He usually placed in the top 10 singers’ monthly brand reputation ranking in Korea. (Source)

Besides, during his time in Produce 101, Kang Daniel was referred to as the “Dark Horse”. With more than 1.5 million votes cast in his favour, Kang Daniel became the “overall winner” of Produce 101, and was given the main role in his group (Wanna One).

23. Kang Daniel Scared of Ghost and Bugs

Kang Daniel is someone who hates bugs so much. He even describes his ideal home is a home without bugs and has alot of cats in its neighborhood. (source)

“I’m only scared of two things: ghosts and bugs. I’m not afraid of taking on the challenge of new things some people find difficult, I’m still learning about the things that can be done, as long as I work hard,” (source)

24. Kang Daniel Breaks Guinness World Record For Fastest 1 Million Followers On Instagram

Kang Daniel currently has over 3.3 million followers on Instagram. When he just opened his Instagram account, he broke the record for the fastest time to gain 1 million followers on Instagram.

On January 3, 2019 local time, Guinness World Records announced that Kang Daniel had “achieved a new record for the fastest time to gain one million followers on Instagram,” breaking Pope Francis’s record from 2016.

Guinness World Records confirmed that Kang Daniel had taken only 11 hours and 36 minutes to hit the 1 million mark on Instagram after making his first post on January 2 KST. (Pope Francis took 12 hours to reach the milestone after launching his own Instagram account back in March 2016). (source)


25. Kang Daniel Speaking English

Are you curious about Kang Daniel’s skill in speaking English? Check these fan-made compilation videos of Kang Daniel Speaking English.


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