[INTERVIEW] SOYOU Comeback Q&A for “Farewell Everyday”


KPOP OFFICIAL – Last Updated April 18, 2023 KST

On April 18, 2023, at 6 PM KST, singer SOYOU released her digital single “Farewell Everyday (우리는 매일 이별을 향해 걸어가지).” Ahead of the release, SOYOU shared a one-on-one interview discussing her thoughts on the release and her experience working on the song.

Regarding “Farewell Everyday (우리는 매일 이별을 향해 걸어가지),” SOYOU described the song as “a track that expresses the emotions of parting, which everyone experiences at least once in their lives, in my own melancholic sensibility.” She also expressed her affection for the song, stating that it is a track that goes well with the ever-changing season of spring and focuses on evoking empathy by bringing back those feelings.

Through her YouTube channel “SOYOUGI,” SOYOU has been showcasing a variety of content and trying her hand at acting in her new music video, constantly revealing new facets of herself. She shared her aspirations, saying, “I hope I can be a source of comfort and laughter when needed. When the moment comes where I am needed, I want to provide strength and joy.”

Here is the full Q&A interview with SOYOU for the release of her digital single “Farewell Everyday (우리는 매일 이별을 향해 걸어가지)” :

1. SOYOU Comeback Interview for “Farewell Everyday”

Q. How do you feel about releasing a new song after a year, and what have you been up to recently?

▶Soyou: “It’s been a long time since I’ve released a ballad, and I wanted to present a good song, so it took a long time to prepare more carefully, making me feel very nervous and excited. I have been greeting you through YouTube ‘SOYOUGI’ and drama OSTs, but it’s been a long time since my last comeback, so I have high expectations for the response.”

Q. Please introduce your new song “Farewell Everyday (우리는 매일 이별을 향해 걸어가지)”

▶Soyou: “The new song “Farewell Everyday (우리는 매일 이별을 향해 걸어가지)” is a song where I express the emotions of parting that everyone experiences at least once in their lives in my own melancholic sensibility. The song starts with a calm intro and builds up to a climax in the latter part with a rising melody and emotional line. I participated in writing the lyrics for this song, so I hope you will pay close attention to the lyrics.”

Q. You are presenting a breakup ballad in spring. Why did you choose this song and are there any episodes from the recording or music video shooting?

▶Soyou: “There are many behind-the-scenes stories leading up to the release of this song. It’s been a long time since my last comeback, so there were many processes to make a careful decision. The reason I chose this song was because it’s such a great song that I wanted to share it with my fans. I think spring is a season of various changes, and the process of falling in and out of love is also a big emotional change, so I thought the song would go well with spring. In the music video, I had to act out the emotions of emptiness and sadness after a breakup, even though my days were the same, so I focused on that aspect and tried my best to act. There was a funny memory of a ‘no laughing’ order among the staff to help me with my emotional acting and having to hold back laughter as a mission.”

Q. What was the main focus during the preparation for the new song?

▶Soyou: “I wanted to gain empathy from the listeners as if the feelings from that time were revived since it’s a song that anyone could have experienced at least once. Not only in the music but also visually, I wanted to create a more desolate and empty feeling, so I worked hard on my diet and tried to make the music video as calm, natural, and subdued as possible in terms of color and overall atmosphere.”

Q. Through your YouTube channel ‘SOYOUGI’ you share both healthy laughter and beauty with a variety of content, and your consistent charitable activities are noticeable. What is your philosophy as a versatile entertainer?

▶Soyou: “I hope I can be helpful when comfort or laughter is needed, whether it’s through music or broadcasting or anything else. Of course, I may not be able to fill all aspects, but when the moment comes where I am needed, I want to provide strength and joy.”

Q. Do you have any goals you want to achieve with “Farewell Everyday (우리는 매일 이별을 향해 걸어가지)”? Please say hello to your fans along with your plans for this year.

▶Soyou: “I don’t have any specific goals with this song, but I hope many people will listen to it and empathize with it. This year, I plan to greet you with a variety of activities, so I think it will be a busy year. The busier I am, the more I can meet my fans, so I feel excited and energized. I will work hard in my activities to repay your wait, so please watch over me!”

Interview source: Newsen, KBS Media


2. SOYOU “Farewell Everyday” Track Description

This track description is based on the song information on Melon, a leading South Korean online music store and music streaming service.

Album Introduction SOYOU Digital Single ‘Farewell Everyday (우리는 매일 이별을 향해 걸어가지)’

The unique vocal goddess SOYOU returns with a single album after one year, following the release of her first mini-album [Day & Night] in April last year.

The new song “Farewell Everyday (우리는 매일 이별을 향해 걸어가지)” is a ballad that captures the situation of lovers facing the end of love, as the title suggests. The song starts with a calm acceptance of the breakup and gradually builds up to an explosive display of SOYOU’s vocal prowess, accompanied by a majestic orchestral sound as it progresses.

In particular, SOYOU personally appeared in the music video for this new song, portraying a poignant acting performance of the emptiness in everyday life after the breakup and the emotions that suddenly emerge. This has further increased the immersion of the audience into the story.

3. SOYOU “Farewell Everyday” Official MV

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