[INTERVIEW] JISOO Solo Debut Q&A for Single Album “ME”


KPOP OFFICIAL – Last Updated March 31, 2023 KST

BLACKPINK member Jisoo is set to make her solo debut with her first single album ‘ME,’ raising global fans’ anticipation to the highest level by personally introducing key points of the album.

Jisoo’s first solo album ‘ME’ will be released on March 31, 2023 at 1 PM KST. Through the title track ‘Flower’ and the accompanying track ‘All Eyes On Me,’ she showcases a diverse range of colors that have never been seen before.

Having devoted a significant amount of time to the overall production process, Jisoo expressed her excitement, saying, “It was a fun journey trying to find the music that I do best and that only I can do. I hope the listeners will discover a new side of me.”

1. JISOO “Flower” Official MV


2. JISOO Solo Debut Interview for Single Album “ME”

The following is a Q&A session with Jisoo, based on articles from OSEN and The Fact Korea:

Q1. How do you feel about making a comeback as a solo artist with your first album?

A. As teasers were released, I was eagerly waiting for the comeback along with the fans. I’m excited to finally show everyone what I’ve been preparing for a long time. I’d be overjoyed if the fans are happy with this album filled with ‘Jisoo.’

Q2. Please introduce your ‘ME’ album.

A. While preparing for the album, I constantly asked myself, “What is the charm of solo artist Jisoo?” I wanted to protect my identity while showing new and diverse aspects of myself. This album, which was created after countless contemplations of expressing my inner self, truly represents ‘me.’ I participated in various aspects of the album and approached it with this mindset from start to finish. I grew and became stronger through the process of discovering new charms in myself.

Q3. What was the main focus of the album?

A. I focused on what Jisoo, the solo artist, could show rather than BLACKPINK’s Jisoo. I captured various charms that only I can bring to the table. I continuously developed my music to create something that is uniquely mine. In addition to music, I contributed ideas to the overall concept, styling, and music video, resulting in an album that tells my story.

Q4. Can you tell us about the title track ‘Flower’ and the accompanying track ‘All Eyes On Me’?

A. ‘Flower’ is a song that perfectly represents me in terms of vocals, performance, and visual aspects, which is why it was chosen as the title track. When I first heard the demo in the studio, it felt like fate. It’s a dance song with poetic lyrics that offer a surprising twist, and the hook part is extremely addictive. ‘All Eyes On Me’ holds a special place in my heart as it was also a contender for the title track. It has an upbeat yet fatal vibe, and I believe many people will enjoy it as much as I do.


Q5. You broke records even before your comeback, achieving the highest single album sales for a K-pop female solo artist with over 1.3 million pre-orders.

A. It’s always thrilling and fascinating to hear the term “first.” It means that many fans are supporting and expecting a lot from me, so I feel grateful and motivated to work harder. I’m giving my best until the very end to meet those expectations. I’m incredibly happy to be releasing a solo album while starting this year with the fans after wrapping up last year’s world tour. Although I didn’t plan the release according to the seasons, it feels fitting that the album is being released in spring when flowers bloom. It’s a good start! (laughs)

Q6. The music video has been a hot topic since the teaser, can you explain the key points?

A. I’m satisfied with how it turned out. It was filmed on location in the United States, with memorable scenes at the Universal Studios New York Street set. Shooting on an empty street felt like being in the world of The Truman Show. A little spoiler about the music video… there are various sides of Jisoo to discover? (laughs) There will be something new to find each time you watch it.

Q7. How have the BLACKPINK members supported you?

A. Despite being busy, they have always been by my side, observing the preparation process and giving their opinions. I gained great courage and confidence from their positive reactions. Rosé, who happened to be in LA, even visited the music video shoot. Seeing a member in an unexpected situation made it even more delightful. It felt a bit lonely doing things alone after always being with the members, but as soon as I saw Rosé, it was like my energy was recharged to 100% (laughs).

Q8. Do you have any plans or goals for this activity?

A. I’ve already achieved my goal by meeting the fans as solo artist Jisoo. If there’s anything more I want, it’s to raise our BLINKs’ “happiness index”! I’ve prepared events for the fans and even wrote a message for BLINKs in the album. Although it’s not easy during the world tour, I’m working on creating more opportunities to communicate closely with fans offstage. I hope we can gain energy together.

Q9. A message for your ever-supportive fans.

A. I’m finally here to meet our BLINKs! (laughs) I know how long you’ve been waiting for my songs. I’m also excited and looking forward to experiencing new thrills every day. Thank you, BLINKs, for always being my strong support system. Let’s create many great memories together!

Source: OSEN, The Fact Korea

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