EXO Celebrates 11th Debut Anniversary with a Fan Meeting After 4 Years and 4 Months


KPOP OFFICIAL – Last Updated April 10, 2023 KST

On April 8, 2023, EXO celebrated their 11th debut anniversary with fans from all around the world.

To commemorate their 11th anniversary, EXO hosted a spectacular two-day event from April 8-9, 2023, at the Seoul Olympic Park KSPO DOME, called “2023 EXO FAN MEETING ‘EXO’ CLOCK.” This fan meeting represented a momentous occasion, as it marked the first time in approximately 4 years and 4 months that all EXO members were reunited on stage. Unsurprisingly, tickets were snatched up in an instant, even for seats with limited views.

The performance on April 9, 2023, was broadcasted online through the global platform Beyond LIVE, attracting simultaneous viewers from 120 regions worldwide, including the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Mexico, Germany, and France.

During the fan meeting, EXO unveiled their new song “Let Me In” for the first time, showcasing their captivating vocal charm. They also performed a variety of hit songs and album tracks, including “Growl,” “LOVE ME RIGHT,” “Love Shot,” “The Eve,” “Butterfly Girl,” “Unfair,” “Into My World,” and “Lucky.”

In addition, the members engaged in various segments such as situational talks for each song, including their transformation into high school students for “Growl” and X-EXO’s appearance in “Obsession.” They also played games like “Tempo Dance Relay,” telepathy games, and photo pose challenges, as well as participated in a team competition called “Lucky One Team Battle,” all of which brought laughter through their witty banter and amusing interactions.

Moreover, fans who filled the seats passionately enjoyed the performance while holding lightsticks and wearing dress codes in colors such as orange & green and pink & blue, which were chosen by the members for each show. They also held events such as a group sing-along to “3.6.5” and “Just as usual (지켜줄게),” and slogan events with messages like, “The 11 years that shone brighter together, EXO and EXO-L will shine even brighter in the future” and “Thank you for coming to my world, our eternal Peter Pan.”

EXO also expressed their gratitude, stating, “We are thankful for spending half of our lives and our youth together with you. We have become more confident that there is nothing to fear as long as we have EXO-L. We want to continue making EXO-L happy as we create more memories beyond our 20th and 30th anniversaries.” They added, “Our comeback is not far off, and we are preparing to work hard, so we hope you will join us in 2023.” further heightening expectations for their full-group activities.

Source: Newsen

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