[INTERVIEW] Apink Comeback Q&A for 10th Mini Album ‘SELF’


KPOP OFFICIAL – Last Updated April 5, 2023 KST

Apink is making a comeback after approximately 1 year and 2 months with the release of their 10th Mini Album ‘SELF’ on April 5, 2023 at 6 PM KST through major music sites.

At 5 PM on the same day, Apink will be hosting a countdown live broadcast on their official YouTube channel, where they will personally introduce their new song ‘D N D’ to fans.

Apink’s new song ‘D N D’ is an abbreviation for ‘Do Not Disturb,’ which carries a hopeful message of support, encouraging listeners to imagine a world of their own without any interruptions. The talented producer team behind the song includes composer Kwon Deok-geun, who has worked with groups like NCT Dream, Monsta X, and Red Velvet, as well as C’SA, who has collaborated with Anne-Marie and (G)I-DLE.

World-renowned choreographers Kiel Tutin and Jo Nain participated in the dance performance, raising the overall quality. The point choreography, in particular, embodies the concept of ‘Do Not Disturb’ and promises a strong addictive quality.

1. Apink 10th Mini Album ‘SELF’ Tracklist and Track Description

Apink 10th Mini Album 【SELF】 Apink’s message of hope, ‘D N D’ Imagine your own world, without any disturbance!

In their 13th year since debut, Apink, who are walking the path of a long-running idol group with their continuous challenges and growth, release their 10th mini-album 【SELF】. The album, which showcases Apink’s unique bright and lively image, is named after the word “self,” which represents one’s true self and identity. It encourages people to exist as their true selves, not as someone others want them to be. The members have put aside their usual styling to show their individual personalities in the album.

The title track ‘D N D’ of the mini-album 【SELF】, which conveys the meaning of ‘Do Not Disturb,’ is an impressive pop dance genre that matches Apink’s bright mood. It features a catchy, high-pitched phrase and groovy tune that only Apink can deliver. The song contains an encouraging message for those who have lost hope without finding their own color, inviting them to imagine their own world without anyone’s interference.

In addition to the title track, the album includes a total of five songs: the R&B pop dance track ‘Withcha,’ which highlights Apink’s sophisticated sound; the comforting ballad ‘Me, Myself & I,’ written by member Park Chorong; the 12th-anniversary fan song ‘Candy,’ written by member Kim Namjoo; and the song ‘나만 알면 돼’ (Only I Need to Know), which was released to celebrate their 11th anniversary.

[Track Review based on Apink Album information on Melon]

01. D N D

Lyrics by danke, Jang Hanbit (Jam Factory)
Composed by Kwon Deokgeun (WSHL:ST), Clovd (WSHL:ST), PUFF, C’SA
Arranged by Kwon Deokgeun (WSHL:ST), Clovd (WSHL:ST), PUFF

The title track, “D N D,” which embodies the meaning of ‘Do Not Disturb,’ is an impressive pop dance genre that goes well with Apink’s unique bright mood. The song features a catchy, high-pitched phrase and groovy tune that only Apink can deliver. It contains an encouraging message to imagine your own world without anyone’s interference.


02. Withcha

Lyrics by Lee Eunhwa (153/Joombas)
Composed by Ryan Jhun, Johan Alkenäs, Joacim Persson, Ida Martinsen Botten, Sebastian Arman
Arranged by Ryan Jhun, Johan Alkenäs, Joacim Persson

“Withcha” is an R&B pop dance track with a perfect harmony of minimalistic instruments and fresh sounds, along with the members’ sophisticated vocals. The song conveys a message of going to a new place for those living in a dull and boring everyday life, creating a light and refreshing track filled with fresh imaginations.

03. Me, Myself & I

Lyrics by Park Chorong
Composed by KZ, Kim Taeyoung, Chris Wahle, Matilda (ORKID)
Arranged by KZ, Kim Taeyoung

“Me, Myself & I” is an impressive track featuring beautiful piano lines, rich and delicate string lines, and a groovy and unique bass. It showcases Apink’s beautiful harmony and fantastic high notes. Member Park Chorong participated in writing the lyrics, which convey a message of hope and comfort that you will stand firm even if you stumble and waver in every moment.

04. Candy

Lyrics by Kim Namjoo
Composed by Holger Lund, Jasmina Valentina, Chess Galea
Arranged by Holger Lund

“Candy” is a hip-hop dance track with a groovy drum & bass and a harmonious blend of stylish instruments. Celebrating their 12th anniversary, member Kim Namjoo participated in writing the lyrics. The song sincerely expresses the members’ desire to show their love for their fans and their wish for their fans to be happy. Above all, the lyrics convey the message that they are happiest when they are together.

05. 나만 알면 돼 (I want you to be happy)

Lyrics by Park Chorong, Yoon Bomi, Jung Eunji, Kim Namjoo, Oh Hayoung
Composed by KZ, Kim Taeyoung, DINT
Arranged by KZ, Kim Taeyoung
String Arranged by Jung Sumin

The 11th-anniversary fan song “나만 알면 돼 (I want you to be happy)” is an impressive ballad track with warm and delicate piano lines, rich instrumentation, and heartfelt vocals and lyrics by the members. The song conveys the members’ sincere feelings that they want their fans to be happy, and that they are content with knowing all the hardships and pain their fans endure.

2. Apink Title Track “D N D” Official MV


3. Apink Comeback Interview for Mini Album ‘SELF’

The following is a Q&A regarding Apink 10th mini album ‘SELF’ from Newsen Article.

Q1. It’s a comeback after about 1 year and 2 months. How do you feel about the comeback?

(Park Chorong) I’m extremely grateful that we, as members, could enjoy preparing for the album together. I think we prepared with excitement, thinking about how much the fans would like it!

(Kim Namjoo) We wanted to present a great song, so it took us some time, but we’re thankful for the fans who waited for us. As a result, we believe the comeback will be even more valuable.

Q2. This month marks your 12th debut anniversary. How do you feel about this milestone?

(Park Chorong) Honestly, I don’t dwell too much on the number of years. Of course, what we’ve achieved so far hasn’t been easy, but instead of thinking about the years, we focus on what concept and music we should do each year. However, with each passing year, I feel more and more grateful that we can release albums and be together as members.

(Yoon Bomi) We’re very grateful. We’re thankful for the many people who have worked quietly by our side for 12 years, and most of all, for our fans, Panda. Nothing is taken for granted, so we live every moment with gratitude. We wanted to be active for a long time, and now we’re truly living that dream, and we want to be together even longer.

Q3. Please introduce the 10th mini album ‘SELF’.

(Jung Eunji) As the title suggests, the title track contains the meaning of ‘healing’, which has been Apink’s identity, so I think it will be an even more special album.

(Oh Hayoung) This 10th mini album ‘SELF’ came about as we were thinking, “What is the most ‘Apink-like’? Or what would people expect from us?” It seemed that people would expect our most genuine selves. So, it means ‘Let’s show our confident selves and our true colors’.

Q4. What kind of song is the title track ‘D N D’? What are the charms and highlights of the song?

(Yoon Bomi) It’s a song that showcases Apink’s signature refreshing and bright image after a long time, and as you can see from the lyrics, it’s a song that can provide a lot of healing when you listen to it during difficult and fearful times.

(Oh Hayoung) The title track ‘D N D’ stands for ‘Do Not Disturb’, meaning ‘Do not interfere’. The song is about ‘going your own way, in your own style’. Like how many people found strength in our song ‘NoNoNo’, nowadays, many people are struggling and having concerns due to others or society, so we hope this song becomes another ‘healing song’.

Q5. Are there any special highlights or point choreography in the ‘D N D’ performance that you’d like to introduce?

(Park Chorong) I think it will be a song that highlights the members’ energy. We’re trying to have fun on stage ourselves, hoping to give bright and positive energy.

(Kim Namjoo) The dance expresses ‘Do Not Disturb’ as the title suggests, and above all, it’s choreography that anyone can easily follow.

Q6. What are the highlights of the ‘D N D’ music video?

(Jung Eunji) Each member has their own meaningful points, and I think it would be fun to find those points.

(Kim Namjoo) As this music video contains a lot of drama, I think it would be fun to interpret it differently depending on the viewer.

Q7. What did you focus on or care about while preparing for this album?

(Yoon Bomi) This album made us think once more about what our unique color is, and we wanted to create an album that could be a source of strength and healing for many people.

(Jung Eunji) It’s Apink’s ‘identity’.

Q8. Park Chorong participated in writing the lyrics for ‘Me, Myself & I’, and Kim Namjoo for ‘Candy’. Please introduce these songs.

(Park Chorong) ‘Me Myself & I’ has lyrics written about ‘finding oneself’ according to the concept of this ‘SELF’ album. Finding your true self can be tiring, but I wanted to write lyrics that give courage to myself at that time, to my friends, and to the members.

(Kim Namjoo) It was my first time participating in writing lyrics for a fan song. Personally, I really love this song, and I naturally participated in writing lyrics as well, thinking that it would be great to have a fan song with the music I like. The lyric-writing process was smoother than I expected because, as I thought about the love from the fans, the lyrics came out easily.


Q9. Any memorable episodes during the preparation of this album and the music video production process?

(Jung Eun-ji) There was a scene where the members were talking informally to each other, and it was difficult to hold our laughter while filming that part.

(Oh Ha-young) Personally, I had a scene wearing a uniform in the music video, which I always wanted to try on in a sporty outfit. I am excited to show various designs this time.

Q10. If you could describe the concept or charm of the new album ‘SELF’ in one word? And why?

(Kim Nam-joo) Energy / I think Apink has a lot of positive energy as individuals and as a team these days. We’ve captured that happy energy in this album, and I hope it brings happiness and strength to those who listen and watch.

(Oh Ha-young) Discovery / The lyrics say “Find your way,” which represents our rediscovery of our ability to perform such songs after a long time, and also the hope that listeners will discover their own ways and styles of life.

Q11. What are Apink’s unique strengths or differentiators as you join the April comeback battle?

(Jung Eun-ji) I think the energy that the group ‘Apink’ itself possesses is the difference.

(Kim Nam-joo) The members are our strengths and differentiators. Each team has different individuals, and the same song can feel different depending on who sings it. We want to showcase Apink’s unique color both externally and internally.

Q12. Any goals or plans for this album promotion?

(Park Cho-rong) I want to enjoy and have fun with the members during our activities.

(Oh Ha-young) Providing comfort and healing to the public and fans is the most important thing. The sense of stability that comes when you plug in your earphones in a tiring daily life, cutting off from the stressful society, and the comforting song that you listen to when you go home after a long day – I hope our song can become that for everyone.

Q13. Please share a message for the fans who have been consistently supporting and cherishing Apink.

(Yoon Bo-mi) To our Pandas, I always want to say the same thing: thank you, I love you, and I’m sorry. We’ve had many happy moments and difficult times during our long activities, and it’s our Pandas who have been with us through it all. We’ve shared so many emotions and feelings, and I sincerely hope you only have happy moments. As long as I’m Apink, you’ll continue to be Pandas, right?

(Jung Eun-ji) Time flies so fast that sometimes we don’t even realize it. But we never forget the love you’ve given us for such a long time. We always remember and appreciate it. To those who have been with us for a long time, talking about being together for a long time, thank you for letting us experience a different kind of love as fans and artists. I hope we can continue to share time and emotions with our fans for a long time to come. I wish everyone to be healthy both physically and mentally.

Source: Newsen


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