[UPDATE] TREASURE “LOVESICK” Lyrics, Meaning, and Song Credits


AlbumTREASURE 2nd Full Album “REBOOT”
Release DateJuly 28, 2023
Composed byASAHI, DEE.P
Arranged byDEE.P
AgencyYG Entertainment
DistributorYG PLUS
SourceMelon Korean Music Platform

1. TREASURE “LOVESICK” Official Audio


These lyrics are taken from Melon Korean Music Platform

평소보다 석양이 잘 보이는 날
옆자리가 외롭게 비어 있는 날
가벼운 자전거를 타고 나는 또
여운에 잠겨 있네
평소보다 별이 많이 보이는 날
공원이 조용하고 넓다고 느끼는 날
달라진 환경에 나는 아직도
익숙하지 못하고 여운에 잠겨 있네
나갈 수 없는 미로에 빠져 있어 난
너라는 병에 걸려 있어
뭘 해도 뭐를 봐도 맘껏 울어도
영원히 완치 못하는 병이야
빛이 안 보이는 바다에 빠져 있어 난
너라는 병에 걸려 있어
뭘 해도 뭐를 봐도 맘껏 울어도
너를 영원히 잊지 못하는 병이야
평소보다 어둡게 느껴지는 밤
내 마음 같아서 더 외로워지는 난
한숨을 쉬고 난 눈을 감은 채로
추억을 되돌려 보네
애태운 내 맘에 이제
잘 가라 말해도
아직 추억 속에 남아 헤어날 수 없잖아
네가 탐을 내던 내 액세서리
원한다며 입은 내 옷까지
곳곳에 베인 네 흔적에 완치 없이 또 훌쩍
나갈 수 없는 미로에 빠져 있어 난
너라는 병에 걸려 있어
뭘 해도 뭐를 봐도 맘껏 울어도
영원히 완치 못하는 병이야
빛이 안 보이는 바다에 빠져 있어 난
너라는 병에 걸려 있어
뭘 해도 뭐를 봐도 맘껏 울어도
너를 영원히 잊지 못하는 병이야
문득 올려다 본 하늘에는 별들이
무수히 펼쳐져 있었어
아름다움에 왠지 눈물이 흘러
고요한 이 자연들에 싸이면서
이제 넌 여기 없어서 전할 순 없지만
나는 너를 정말 사랑했었어
뭘 해도 뭐를 봐도 맘껏 웃어도
너를 영원히 잊지 못하는 병이야
La la la la la la
La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la la la
La la la la la la la
La la la la la
La la la la la la la la la la la


“LOVESICK” by TREASURE is a song about remembering someone special and feeling sad because they’re no longer around. The lyrics talk about missing someone deeply, and the music has a soft, gentle sound that matches these feelings. When you listen to it, you’re taken on a journey of emotions, where thinking about old memories can make you feel both happy and sad at the same time.

“LOVESICK” by TREASURE is like a soft mirror showing how people feel after losing someone they love. It’s not just about missing someone; it’s about the deep emotions and thoughts that come from remembering them. In the song, they use the idea of being ‘sick’ or having an ‘illness’ to describe how strong and overpowering these feelings of wanting and missing someone can be.

After understanding the main idea of “LOVESICK” by TREASURE, let’s explore its lyrics more closely, to better understand its message and the feelings it’s trying to share.

  1. Surroundings Echoing Emotions
    In the lyrics “평소보다 석양이 잘 보이는 날 (On days when the sunset appears more vivid than other days) and 옆자리가 외롭게 비어 있는 날 (On days when the space beside me feels noticeably empty),” the singer seems to be deeply connected to his surroundings. These lines suggest that the world around him is reflecting his feelings of loneliness and desire for the person he misses. It’s as if the world is emphasizing and magnifying the emptiness he feels inside.
  2. Routine Actions Triggering Memories
    From the lyrics “가벼운 자전거를 타고 나는 또 (I hop on a light bicycle once more) and 여운에 잠겨 있네 (I’m caught up in lingering emotions),” the singer highlights that even simple daily activities, such as riding a bicycle, evoke powerful memories of the person they miss. It shows how memories of the loved one are deeply embedded in the singer’s routine, making them hard to escape.
  3. Entrapped by Memories
    The lines “나갈 수 없는 미로에 빠져 있어 난 (I am trapped in a maze I cannot exit) and 너라는 병에 걸려 있어 (I am infected with an illness called you)” convey the feeling of being entrapped. It’s like the singer is stuck in a labyrinth of memories, and these memories act as an “illness” from which he cannot recover.
  4. Widespread Presence
    In the lyrics “네가 탐을 내던 내 액세서리 (The accessory you always wanted) and 원한다며 입은 내 옷까지 (Even the clothes you wore because you wanted them),” the singer highlights how traces of the loved one linger in everyday items. These lines paint a vivid picture of how the memories are not just confined to the mind but are interwoven with tangible objects around him. It’s as though every item that the person once admired or touched has become a living testament to their lasting influence, deepening the sense of loss and longing felt by the singer.
  5. Nature’s Reflection on Past Love
    In the lyrics “문득 올려다 본 하늘에는 별들이 (Suddenly, when I looked up, the sky was filled with stars) and 무수히 펼쳐져 있었어 (They were spread out endlessly),” the singer is reminded of a past relationship through the vast and magnificent display of the night sky. The sheer beauty and expanse of the stars make him reminisce about moments from the past. It’s as if the vast universe mirrors his deep emotions, stirring a blend of awe and melancholy.
  6. Heartfelt Confession
    The lines “이제 넌 여기 없어서 전할 순 없지만 (Now you’re not here to tell) and 나는 너를 정말 사랑했었어 (But I truly loved you),” the singer exposes the depth of his emotions. These lines reveal a poignant realization: while the person might be gone, the feelings of love haven’t faded. It’s as if the singer is letting out a personal secret, admitting that the love they shared still lingers in his heart, undeterred by time or distance.

“LOVESICK” is a song that talks about how our hearts remember feelings and memories for a long time. The singer tells a story about missing someone from a past relationship, even after a lot of time has gone by. The song isn’t just about feeling sad; it also talks about the beautiful parts of love, like good memories and the special feeling of caring about someone, even if they are far away. The main message of “LOVESICK” is not about forgetting someone, but understanding and accepting those feelings. It’s about finding comfort in thinking about the past.

Disclaimer: The analysis of a song’s meaning provided in our articles is based on the lyrics and other available information. The interpretation of the song may vary from person to person, and our articles are not intended to provide a definitive understanding of the song’s meaning. Instead, they serve as one possible perspective on the themes and messages that the song might convey. If you would like to use or share the information provided here, please credit KPOPOFFICIAL.COM as the source.

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