7 Things You Should Know From BTS Bus Interview with Zach Sang Show


KPOP OFFICIAL – Last Updated February 5, 2020 KST

BTS had an interview with Zach Sang Show on February 3, 2020 local time or February 4, 2020 KST. The interview was held inside a bus, in the opening of their interview, Zach Sang said, “We are on a bus with BTS everybody”

These are 7 important things we should know from BTS interview with Zach Sang Show:

1). BTS Explains The Meaning of Their New Album, “Map of The Soul: 7”

BTS RM mentions the meaning of their new album, Map of The Soul: 7 and why they used 7 as the title.

BTS RM said, “The title is very strong and you know, 7 could symbolize like many things. I just said it through the Radio Disney Interview but you know it symbolizes the number of the members and like the years that we have spent together. And you know also seven, like, means of very good luck right, yeah like jackpot, lucky numbers seven, in very many kinds of way, the seven really feels like this is it, this is the time that we have to use this title, the seven.”


2). BTS Mentions That “Black Swan” is very personal

During the interview, when BTS was asked about the story behind “Black Swan” song, BTS RM said, “That’s the one personal side of us. It’s very frank, the song, it’s very personal.”

3). BTS Reveals The Most Important Things They Have Learned Since Debut

When Zach Sang asked about whats the most important thing they have learned as individuals or as a group since debut, seven years ago, BTS RM and BTS Jimin answered two things. First, no pain and no gain. Second, the importance of appreciating those around you.

4) BTS Shares Message To Army

Zach Sang also asked BTS what kind of message they want to share with BTS Army.

Suga answered, “one message that penetrates the album as a whole is that you must face your inner shadow but resist becoming submerged into its depths. You must face it and move on forward

5) BTS Reveals Why Black Swan Becomes The First Step Into Their New Album

By releasing Black Swan, BTS wants to show a new side of BTS, a song that has a different sound.

RM explained, “So the Black Swan, I mean it’s all about the shadow right, I think Black Swan is like when you first listen to the song […] It’s not like boom or dynamic or massive. It sounds really different.”


6). BTS Explain How They Perform and Learn Choreography

RM told that they have not only internal choreographers but also external choreographers to create a phenomenal dance performance for Black Swan.

Jimin added, “Whatever the song is, we practice hard to perfect the performance because we know our fans will be seeing this.”

7). How Does BTS Measure Success? Here is Their Answer

J-Hope explained, “I see it in the faces of people smiling around me. It can be in any situation, like when my family and everyone around me sees me at our concert and smile”

Watch BTS full interview on Zach Sang Show Official YouTube Channel

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