[Album] N.Flying “Once in a BLUE MOON” Album Info, Meaning, Tracklist


1. N.Flying “Once in a BLUE MOON” Album Info

ArtistN.Flying (엔플라잉)
AlbumDigital Single Album “Once in a BLUE MOON”
Release DateMay 20, 2023
GenrePop rock
Record LabelFNC Entertainment
DistributorKakao Entertainment
Total Length6:39
SourceMelon Korea; Genie Music Korea; Bugs Korea

To celebrate their 8th debut anniversary on May 20, 2023, N.Flying has released ‘Once in a BLUE MOON’, a digital single with two tracks — ‘Blue Moon’ and ‘TREE’ — dedicated to their fan base, N.Fia. Infused with soulful piano melodies, acoustic guitar sounds, and powerful messages, the songs illustrate the band’s desire to cherish fleeting moments and provide solace to weary young dreamers.

2. N.Flying “Once in a BLUE MOON” Album Introduction and Meaning

In celebration of their 8th debut anniversary on May 20, 2023, the beloved band N.Flying has graced their fans with a new digital single, ‘Once in a BLUE MOON’ — a heartfelt tribute that encapsulates their journey and an ode to their devoted fanbase, N.Fia.

Released on May 20, the same date as their debut, ‘Once in a BLUE MOON’ is a musical representation of cherishing ephemeral moments and the lingering memories they form. The band members poignantly express their longing to pause time, to eternally appreciate the beauty of the blue moon alongside their fans, metaphorically symbolizing their unique bond.

The lead track ‘Blue Moon’, a brainchild of Lee Seung Hyub (J.DON) who took charge of its lyrics and composition, is inspired by the rare and mystical occurrence of the blue moon in real life. The track stands out for its soulful piano melody coupled with an invigorating acoustic guitar sound, creating an irresistible allure that resonates with N.Flying’s signature style.

Embodying the band’s wish to perpetually share beautiful moments with N.Fia, ‘Blue Moon’ is more than just a song — it’s a heartfelt dialogue, an emblem of the band’s gratitude to their fans.

Accompanying ‘Blue Moon’ is the touching track ‘TREE’, a song that offers solace and companionship to young dreamers feeling weary from relentless pursuits. The lyrics, penned by Lee Seung Hyub (J.DON), alongside its composition and arrangement in collaboration with Kim Su-bin (AIMING), deliver a reassuring message: “It’s not your fault, and I will always be with you.”

Sporting a classical piano theme and a powerful distortion guitar sound, ‘TREE’ is a testament to N.Flying’s versatility and their ability to speak to their listeners’ experiences and emotions.

‘Once in a BLUE MOON’ isn’t just an album – it’s N.Flying’s promise of eternity, a dream of a moment when the music begins again. As they step into the 9th year of their musical journey, N.Flying continues to inspire and connect with fans through their music, one note at a time.


3. N.Flying “Once in a BLUE MOON” Tracklist and Credits

1). Blue Moon

Lyrics by: Lee Seung Hyub (J.DON)
Composed by: Lee Seung Hyub (J.DON), Kim Su-bin(AIMING)
Arranged by: Lee Seung Hyub (J.DON), Kim Su-bin(AIMING)

The title song ‘Blue Moon’ is a charming song with a warm piano melody and refreshing acoustic guitar sound. It’s a fan song that embodies the desire to forever be with N.Fia (N.Flying’s fan club) during the most beautiful moments, those fleeting instants.

2). TREE

Lyrics by: Lee Seung Hyub (J.DON)
Composed by: Lee Seung Hyub (J.DON), Kim Su-bin(AIMING)
Arranged by: Lee Seung Hyub (J.DON), Kim Su-bin(AIMING)

‘TREE’ is a standout song with its unique and classical piano theme and rich distortion guitar sound. It contains a comforting message for all the young people who have become exhausted from chasing their dreams, saying ‘It’s not your fault, and I will always be with you’.


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