I.M “EP Album OVERDRIVE” Album Tracklist Meaning


ArtistI.M (MONSTA X)
Title Track“OVERDRIVE”
Release DateJune 23, 2023
AgencySony Music
DistributorSony Music
SourceMelon Korean Music Platform

I.M has unveiled his new EP, <OVERDRIVE>, marking a major milestone in his solo career. The six-track album, entirely written and produced by I.M, ranges from deep, dark sounds to delicate melodies, showcasing his diverse musical spectrum. The title track ‘OVERDRIVE’ embodies his determination to accelerate towards new beginnings, combining intense trap sounds with goal-driven lyrics. The album also includes songs like ‘Blame’, capturing the pain of love turning into resentment; ‘Dumb’, expressing the silly side of falling in love; ‘Habit’, describing moments when familiar becomes unfamiliar; ‘More’, a sexy representation of uncontrollable emotions; and ‘Not Sorry’, a song about feeling paradoxically sorry and not sorry. Through a mixture of genres including trap, deep soul, R&B, and jazz, I.M’s EP breaks boundaries and propels his musical journey forward as a solo artist.

  • 📆 Release Date : 2023.6.23

1. I.M “OVERDRIVE” Official MV

Song Meaning: I.M “OVERDRIVE” Lyrics, Meaning, and Song Credits


2. I.M “EP Album OVERDRIVE” Album Introduction


K-pop artist I.M has released a new EP titled <OVERDRIVE>. The album consists of six tracks, all produced by I.M himself. He intricately paints his musical universe through a variety of soundscapes, sometimes offering deep and dark sounds, and at other times showcasing delicate melodies. As such, the album marks a major stepping stone in I.M’s journey as a solo artist.

The album’s title, ‘OVERDRIVE’, hints at the desire to accelerate towards new beginnings. The central theme of this album is the resolve to keep moving forward, in spite of the external circumstances.

“Regardless of the surrounding environment, what matters is to look deeply into one’s inner self, and to keep moving on one’s own path for the vision they have set for themselves.”

The title track ‘OVERDRIVE’ is a powerful song featuring intense trap sound and goal-driven lyrics. The song, through its title and lyrics, encapsulates the ambition for a fresh start and the confidence in the direction to move forward.

Additionally, the album includes ‘Blame’, a song depicting the transition of love turning into resentment; ‘Dumb’, expressing the foolish feeling of falling in love; ‘Habit’, describing a moment when a familiar routine becomes unfamiliar; ‘More’, capturing the uncontrollable emotions leading to a sexy situation; and ‘Not Sorry’, singing about an ironic situation where one feels sorry but not sorry. These songs express the emotions and stories I.M wants to communicate through the sound and lyrics of the six tracks.

The genre of the songs in the album ranges from trap, deep soul, R&B to jazz, showcasing a colorful array of music styles. Coupled with I.M’s honest lyrics reflecting his inner feelings, this album presents a musical message of I.M as a solo artist, pushing the boundaries and moving forward.

3. I.M “EP Album OVERDRIVE” Tracklist, Meaning, Song Credits

1). OVERDRIVE (Title Track)

Lyrics by I.M
Composed by I.M, WOOKI
Arranged by WOOKI

“It feels like it has to be now, regardless of how yesterday was”

2). Blame

Lyrics by I.M
Composed by I.M, Long Drive, THE NEED
Arranged by Long Drive, THE NEED

“The process where affection turns into a burden”

3). Dumb

Lyrics by I.M
Composed by I.M, WOOKI
Arranged by WOOKI

“Might look so dumb
when you fall in love”

4). Habit

Lyrics by I.M
Composed by I.M, WOOKI, YOONSEOK
Arranged by WOOKI
Saxophone by 김수환

“A moment when the familiar routine becomes strange”

5). More

Lyrics by I.M
Composed by I.M, Long Drive
Arranged by Long Drive, Devine Channel

“I know you want me more
You know I want you more”

6). Not Sorry

Lyrics by I.M
Composed by I.M, WOOKI
Arranged by WOOKI

“The paradox of a paradox”

  • 📆 Release Date : 2023.6.23
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