LEE JIN HYUK to Hold His ’28 Virthday’ Solo Fan Meeting on June 3, 2023


KPOP OFFICIAL – Last Updated May 12, 2023 KST

Singer and actor Lee Jin-hyuk will hold a solo fan meeting ’28 Virthday,’ on June 3, 2023 at
the Ilchi Art Hall. The event, coinciding with his 28th birthday, will offer a deeper glimpse into his journey and future plans, fostering closer interaction with his fandom ‘V-DAN.’

On May 11, 2023, tickets for Lee Jin-hyuk’s solo fan meeting titled ‘LEE JIN HYUK FANMEETING: 28 Virthday’ were released. The announcement was met with great enthusiasm from fans, who expressed their anticipation for the upcoming event.

The fan meeting, split into two parts, promises a unique experience filled with a diverse setlist that showcases a deeper side of Lee Jin-hyuk that fans have yet to see. The fan meeting also teases the release of a VCR capturing Lee Jin-hyuk’s journey from his beginning to the present and his future vision, suggesting that a special stage is in preparation.

This fan meeting, coinciding with Lee Jin-hyuk’s 28th birthday, encapsulates the artist’s intention to embark on a new journey with his fandom ‘V-DAN.’ The event aims to foster closer interaction and gratitude towards his fans, creating unforgettable memories.

In response to the upcoming fan meeting, Lee Jin-hyuk expressed, “I have a lot of stories I want to share and many things I want to show to V-DAN after such a long time, so I’m preparing with all my heart. I will also discuss my future plans, so I hope many of you will come.”

Lee Jin-hyuk’s solo fan meeting ’28 Virthday’ will be held on June 3, 2023, with sessions at 2 pm and 6 pm at the Ilchi Art Hall in Gangnam, Seoul. Fans can secure their tickets through the Interpark website.

Source: OSEN News


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