Kang Daniel “4th Mini Album REALIEZ” Album Tracklist Meaning


ArtistKang Daniel
Album4th Mini Album [REALIEZ]
Title Track“SOS”
Release DateJune 19, 2023
AgencyKONNECT Entertainment
DistributorSony Music
SourceMelon Korean Music Platform

Kang Daniel returns with his fourth mini-album, [REALIEZ], on June 19, 2023, set against a backdrop of a dystopian universe. The album explores the struggle between truth and falsehood, and the journey of confronting reality and uncomfortable facts. [REALIEZ] captures this journey of self-discovery and the courage to face one’s true self.


1. Kang Daniel “SOS” Official MV

Song Meaning: Kang Daniel “SOS” Lyrics, Meaning, and Song Credits


2. Kang Daniel “4th Mini Album REALIEZ” Album Introduction


In our world, truth and falsehood, cleverly masked as truth, coexist. We journey through time, often choosing to believe what we desire. However, there are moments when looking back triggers sudden realizations…

On June 19, 2023, Kang Daniel makes a comeback with his 4th Mini Album [REALIEZ]. This album presents a refreshing cinematic storytelling, painting a picture of a dystopian universe. It captures the moment when the world you’ve firmly believed in gets shaken to its core due to a collision with a new reality. It delves into a narrative of seeking enlightenment, as truths hidden behind lies are unravelled.

From the blurry line between truth and falsehood, arise endless doubts and an insatiable longing for truth. Sometimes, the raw truth is so harsh that we’d rather turn our gaze to comforting lies. Yet, it is only when we have the courage to confront reality and face uncomfortable facts that we can truly find the right path forward.

The journey of self-discovery, to face our true selves, is a central theme in this album. The unfolding story of [REALIEZ] begins now.

3. Kang Daniel “4th Mini Album REALIEZ” Tracklist, Meaning, and Song Credits

1). Wasteland

Song Credits:
Lyrics – Kang Daniel, 122, HeeJ, HML
Composition – JBACH, Wyatt Sanders, Barry Cohen, MZMC
Arrangement – Gingerbread, Wyatt Sanders, MZMC

Song Description:

‘Fallen angel, where’d you put your halo?’

A betrayal of pure faith. My paradise has been set on fire in an instant, transforming into a barren land where nothing can grow.

‘Wasteland’ is a synth-pop genre track that emphasizes a dark guitar riff and strum, eerie strings, a powerful drum kick and snare with a robust bass line, and a plucked synthesizer.

2). SOS (Title Track)

Song Credits:
Lyrics – Kang Daniel, Chancellor, Knave
Composition – Jackson Morgan, Landon Sears, David Wilson, MZMC
Arrangement – dwilly, MZMC

Song Description:

“어디든지 달려갈 테니 외쳐봐 SOS (I’ll run wherever you are, so shout out SOS)”

It’s about standing firm and battling resiliently, even in chaotic situations, together with everyone else who is struggling alone during their own difficult times.

‘SOS’ is an electro-rock genre song that maximizes explosive energy with a powerful drum pattern, layering an arpeggio synthesizer, acoustic, and aggressive electric guitar riffs.

3). Supernova

Song Credits:
Lyrics – Chancellor, Knave
Composition – Remy Gautreau, Jesse Fink, Anthony Russo, Kyle Buckley, Charles Nelsen, MZMC
Arrangement – Pink Slip, inverness, MZMC

Song Description:

‘I know I really am a Supernova’

The answer to the question I’ve been searching for has always been within me. I will break the confined mold and welcome a new me. Like a supernova, the light I will emit will be brighter and clearer than anything else.

‘Supernova’ is a rock-pop genre track filled with funk, featuring layered acoustic and electric guitars, live percussion, and 808 drums, with a powerful drum pattern.

4). Liar

Song Credits:
Lyrics – Chancellor, Knave
Composition – Colin Magalong, David Wilson, David Schaeman, MZMC
Arrangement – dwilly, David Schaeman, MZMC

Song Description:

“I’m a liar 거짓말뿐, 다신 널 놓치지 않겠다고 (I’m a liar, only lies, I won’t lose you again)”

White lies, times when we hid our sincerity for each other and turned away. I hope that my honest heart for a better us will be accepted.

‘Liar’ is a modern pop genre track that captures mystery with an acoustic guitar, a dirty bass line, a synth piano, and an arpeggio synthesizer, using a bouncy drum kick and snare.

5). Dreaming

Song Credits:
Lyrics – Chancellor, Knave
Composition – Wyatt Sanders, Rudy Sandapa, MZMC
Arrangement – Rudy Sandapa, MZMC

Song Description:

“내 꿈속 언제 어디든 길을 밝혀줘 (Light the way anywhere, anytime in my dream)”

Let’s not stop dreaming until the day we all reach the places we envision. I hope you face your true self that you have been dreaming of, reiterating and encouraging yourself.

‘Dreaming’ is a pop ballad genre song that creates a sincere and emotional feeling by placing a resonating piano line and chorus sound on a base synthesizer and pitched drum snare.


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