[UPDATE] ILY:1 “MY COLOR” Lyrics, Meaning, and Song Credits


Album2nd Mini Album “New Chapter”
VocalHana, Ara, Rona, Ririka, Nayu, Elva
Release DateJuly 25, 2023
Lyrics byKim Su Ji (김수지) (lalala studio) , 1월8일 (라라라스튜디오), 전지은 (라라라스튜디오), Chancellor, 박장근, 화이트99
Composed byChancellor, HOMEBOY, EASTWEST, 화이트99
AgencyFC ENM
DistributorGenie Music, Stone Music Entertainment
SourceMelon Korean Music Platform

1. ILY:1 “MY COLOR” Official MV

2. ILY:1 “MY COLOR” Lyrics

These lyrics are taken from Melon Korean Music Platform

어두운 새벽 빛을 찾고 있어
흑백의 꿈속에서 빛을 향해 걷고 있어
두 눈을 감으면 Ah
볼 수 있어
생생한 색들이 번져 나가
더 선명해져가는 걸

내 맘 속엔 수많은 우주가 있었죠
잠든 머리맡엔 별빛들이 쏟아지곤 했죠
이제 어느샌가 어렴풋이 희미해진 기억
같은 색의 하루에 익숙해지듯이

시간은 우릴 지나쳐 달리지만
분명한 하나
구름이 잠시 빛을 가려도
언젠가는 만날 수 있어

밤하늘 너머 어둠을 건너
우연이 기다리는 곳으로
새로운 Chapter 첫 장을 열어
달려가 저 눈부신 내일로

That’s my color
That’s my color
가득 채워 꿈을

눈 감으면 오히려 선명해져가죠
잊고 지내왔던 어린꿈이 다시 고개들때
내가 그려왔던 장면들이 다가오는 기분
어떤색을 채울지 설래는 이 느낌

모두 다 같은 색들의 꿈을 꿔도
난 다를 거야
때로는 알 수 없는 색들로
내 미래를 칠하고 싶어

밤하늘 너머 어둠을 건너
우연이 기다리는 곳으로
새로운 Chapter 첫 장을 열어
달려가 저 눈부신 내일로

겁먹지 않기 거센 바람에도
두 뺨 위 흐른 눈물
흩날려 사라지는 걸
곧 만날 테니까

달려가 힘껏 저 멀리 보여
우리가 꿈꿔왔던 곳으로
새로운 Chapter 첫 장을 열어
빼곡히 적어나갈 내일로

That’s my color
That’s my color

3. ILY:1 “MY COLOR” Meaning

“MY COLOR” by ILY:1 is a song that celebrates being true to oneself and never giving up. The music has bright and uplifting sounds, while the lyrics of the song talk about searching for our own unique identity, even when life gets tough and repetitive. In simple terms, it’s a song about finding and embracing who you really are, no matter what challenges come your way.

The song talks about the process of understanding oneself better and emphasizes the importance of staying strong and hopeful, even during tough times. Just like different colors have their unique meanings, the song suggests that everyone has their own special ‘color’ or essence. It encourages listeners to find and celebrate that unique side of themselves, no matter how difficult life might be. In simpler words, it’s about finding what makes you ‘you’ and being proud of it, even when faced with challenges.

After understanding the main idea of “MY COLOR” by ILY:1, let’s take a closer look at the song’s lyrics, to better understand its message and the feelings it’s trying to share.

  1. Looking for Hope in Tough Times
    The words “어두운 새벽 빛을 찾고 있어” (Searching for light in the dark dawn) talk about the singer’s search for positivity and a clear path even when things seem difficult. It’s like someone who is trying really hard to find a small bright spot even when everything around them is dark.
  2. Finding Your Own Path
    The words “흑백의 꿈속에서 빛을 향해 걷고 있어” (Walking towards the light within a black and white dream) talk about the singer’s desire to stand out and be themselves, even when everything around them seems plain and unchanging. It’s like they’re trying to find their own special spark in a world that can sometimes seem colorless.
  3. Embracing Inner Dreams and Endless Potential
    The phrase “내 맘 속엔 수많은 우주가 있었죠” (In my heart, there were countless universes) talks about how we all have so many dreams and opportunities inside us, waiting to be discovered. It’s like saying each person has a world full of hopes and potential inside their heart, and it’s up to them to explore and bring them to life.
  4. Fading Memories & Forgotten Dreams
    The line “이제 어느샌가 어렴풋이 희미해진 기억” (Now, memories that have somewhat faded away) talks about how our strong and clear memories of past dreams can become blurry over time. It’s a reminder of how we can sometimes forget about the dreams and goals we once held close to our hearts.
  5. Staying Strong Through Challenges
    The line “구름이 잠시 빛을 가려도” (Even if clouds momentarily block the light) is about how short-term problems or challenges can’t stop someone from moving forward. It’s like saying even if there are small issues or setbacks along the way, the singer is determined to keep going and not give up.
  6. Starting a New Journey
    The phrase “새로운 Chapter 첫 장을 열어” (Open the first page of a new chapter) talks about taking the first step into a new part of life. It’s like the singer is saying that it’s never too late to begin something new or take a different path in life, encouraging us to be open to new possibilities.
  7. Staying Strong Despite Obstacles
    The line “겁먹지 않기 거센 바람에도” (Do not be afraid, even in the face of strong winds) tells us that no matter how tough things get, we should stand firm and face our challenges. It’s like the singer is reminding us that even when things get tough, we shouldn’t let fear stop us. Instead, we should keep moving forward with courage.
  8. Chasing Dreams and Aspirations
    The phrase “우리가 꿈꿔왔던 곳으로” (To the place we’ve always dreamed of) highlights the idea of never giving up on what we truly want. It’s like the singer is telling us that we should always remember and chase after the dreams we’ve held close to our hearts, regardless of any obstacles in our path.
  9. Embracing One’s Unique Identity and Being Proud of Who You Are
    The line “That’s my color” is a strong statement about embracing who you are. The singer is saying that everyone has their own unique ‘color’ or identity, and it’s something to be proud of. This is about being true to yourself, no matter what others might think or expect. It’s like a call to stand out in a big crowd, and to be proud of the unique qualities that make you, you.

In summary, “MY COLOR” by ILY:1 talks about how life can sometimes feel dull, like everything is just black and white. However, it encourages listeners to find and embrace their own unique qualities or ‘color’ even when times are tough. Think of it like this: In a world where everything seems to blend in, the song is saying, “Find what makes you special and show it off.” The lyrics are all about understanding yourself, finding hope when things get hard, and always chasing your dreams. It reminds us that we all have something special about us, our own ‘color’, and it’s important to celebrate that and let it shine, no matter what challenges come our way.

Disclaimer: The analysis of a song’s meaning provided in our articles is based on the lyrics and other available information. The interpretation of the song may vary from person to person, and our articles are not intended to provide a definitive understanding of the song’s meaning. Instead, they serve as one possible perspective on the themes and messages that the song might convey. If you would like to use or share the information provided here, please credit KPOPOFFICIAL.COM as the source.

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