[INTERVIEW] Heize Returns With New Single ‘VingleVingle’ on April 5


KPOP OFFICIAL – Last Updated April 5, 2023 KST

Heize, a renowned South Korean singer, is set to make her much-awaited comeback today, on April 5, 2023, at 6 PM KST with her new digital single ‘빙글빙글’ (VingleVingle).

The dance-pop track ‘빙글빙글 (VingleVingle)’ was produced by KUSH, VVN, and R.Tee, all of whom are associated with The Black Label. Heize’s agency, P NATION, describes the song as having an “addictive melody and impactful lyrics.”

The new single ‘빙글빙글 (VingleVingle)’ will be available on various music platforms at 6 PM KST on April 5, 2023. P NATION also shared that Heize is planning to meet her fans through diverse content after the release of ‘빙글빙글’.

The collaboration between Heize and The Black Label’s talented producers is highly anticipated as it brings together their unique styles for the first time. Fans are eagerly waiting to see the synergy that this partnership will produce.

1. Heize “빙글빙글 (VingleVingle)” Official MV


2. Heize Comeback Interview for “빙글빙글 (VingleVingle)”

Heize is set to release her new digital single “빙글빙글 (VingleVingle)” on various online music platforms at 6 PM on April 5, 2023. “빙글빙글 (VingleVingle)” is a dance-pop genre track produced by The Black Label’s producer KUSH, VVN, and R.Tee.

Heize plans to showcase her never-before-seen charms, as well as her matured musicality and performance through this new release. She said, “You’ll be able to see my choreography on air, and it’s going to be a precious moment. I hope that through my song, you all can dance and enjoy yourselves.”

The following is a Q&A with Heize about her comeback with “빙글빙글 (VingleVingle)” from The Fact:

Q1. Is “빙글빙글 (VingleVingle)” your first dance track since your debut?

Yes, it is. I’ve prepared choreography for award ceremonies before, but this is the first time I’ve encountered terms like “choreography making” and “choreography practice” during the preparation of a new song.

Q2. Fans are likely to look forward to Heize’s dance performance. Will you be doing the choreography yourself, and will there be a chance to see it on air?

You’ll be able to see it on air, and it’s going to be a precious moment. This will be my first and last broadcast performance. In fact, if I were to take the term “dance” seriously, my personality would be consumed by the thought that I have to do well, and I would keep turning back after getting close to it. My primary goal was simply to create a point choreography that people can enjoy while listening to this song and to present it in the music video. Since the song is the most important thing and should be the focus, I will show you a little bit of it on stage without feeling burdened. (Please don’t expect too much, okay??♥)

Q3. This is your first collaboration with The Black Label. What led to this partnership?

R.Tee and I were acquaintances who knew each other and greeted each other when we met. One day, he suddenly sent me a demo track, saying that there was a song that suited me, and I immediately thought this was it. I shared it with Psy, and he also agreed that this was the song right away. From that day on, the work proceeded smoothly. Especially since Psy had great trust in R.Tee’s music, the collaboration process was smoother than ever.

Moreover, the keyword “빙글빙글 VingleVingle)” was already with R.Tee, and I wanted to entrust him with more responsibility in unfolding the story. Afterward, I received the lyrics and melody guide, and all I had to do was to make a few changes and fill in some parts to make it more Heize-like. I’m truly grateful to R.Tee.


Q4. What aspects did you focus on or pay the most attention to while preparing “빙글빙글 (VingleVingle)”?

Change is essential, but there are things that shouldn’t change. Since the genre, sound, and structure of this track are all styles that are hard to find in Heize’s music, I paid close attention to not making the vocals, dance, or visual aspects look too excessive.

Q5. The format of the music video for this new song is said to be unique. What kind of music video is it?

This music video is a vertical version, which started with Psy’s idea. We are familiar with “vertical videos” through platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. The video begins with a full vertical screen, and after a signal to rotate the screen appears, you can turn your phone and watch the “horizontal video” from the chorus part onwards. The changing scenes as the screen transitions from vertical to horizontal and vice versa seem to be an interesting element.

Q6. What is the message you want to convey or the wish you want to fulfill through this new song?

I hope that through my song, you all can dance and enjoy yourselves!

Q7. Last year, you became a radio DJ for the first time after your debut. What is the charm of radio?

I’ve joined as a DJ for KBS Cool FM’s “Heize’s Turn Up the Volume (Volume Up),” which has been a good friend to many for a long time, every evening from 8 PM to 10 PM. When I first received the DJ offer, I couldn’t think of anything other than it being an honor. Not just me, but my family, friends, company, and fans all had the same reaction.

Especially, the concept of commuting suits my personality very well. It’s nice to have a daily appointment at the same time. There’s no room for laziness or distractions. In particular, when I’m not in an album promotion period, it’s challenging to have everyday interactions with fans or share news, but being a radio host allows me to share and record my stories every day, which is a significant advantage.

Q8. Finally, a message to the fans who have been waiting for Heize for a long time

It’s been a while since I greeted you all! As the weather is getting warmer these days, it seems that people’s hearts are becoming more relaxed, and there are many big and small accidents happening around us. Please always be mindful of your surroundings and take good care of yourself! And enjoy listening to “빙글빙글 (VingleVingle)”!

Source: Newsen, E-daily, The Fact


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