[UPDATE] CRAVITY Albums in Order and New Songs List


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(2022) – CRAVITY 4th Mini Album NEW WAVE

Release Date: September 27, 2022

Music Video: “PARTY ROCK”


1. Boogie Woogie (Pre-release)

2. PARTY ROCK (Title)

3. New Addiction


5. Colorful

6. Knock Knock

CRAVITY makes waves in the music scene with their 4th mini-album titled [NEW WAVE]. This album showcases the combination of CRAVITY’s confidence and power-packed positive energy, with its signature track ‘PARTY ROCK’. For the first time, the album also includes tracks written by the members, encapsulating their youthful spirit and growth. Through their regular albums PART 1 and 2, CRAVITY has already captivated global K-pop fans with their impressive performance range. Their new album [NEW WAVE], marks a new beginning for the group. This mini-album sings about the candid youth of today, capturing both the passion and impeccable teamwork of CRAVITY. The message “COME FIND US” beckons fans to discover the true essence of CRAVITY as they tread a path demanding new flows and desires.

The title track ‘PARTY ROCK’ embodies CRAVITY’s signature powerful positive energy. It’s an exhilarating dance number blending elements of funk, EDM, and pop/rock. The playful guitar, synths, and percussion sounds combined with CRAVITY’s energetic vocals create a refreshing sound. The music video for ‘PARTY ROCK’ paints a vivid picture of young boys’ explosive emotions, depicting their journey from mundane routines to a space filled with vibrant energy and music. This album, [NEW WAVE], which encapsulates the spirit of youth and coming-of-age, is expected to affirm a new conviction beyond challenges for global K-pop fans and for CRAVITY itself. Furthermore, the album’s tracklist reveals a diverse range of tracks, from the bouncy ‘Boogie Woogie’ to the mellow ‘Colorful’, indicating CRAVITY’s evolving musical depth and range.

(2022) – CRAVITY Single VIVID

Release Date: May 31, 2022

Music Video: “VIVID”


1. VIVID (Title)


The global fandom platform ‘UNIVERSE’ presents a new song from CRAVITY filled with vibrant energy. ‘VIVID’ is a track that portrays people in a grey city acting uniformly and emotionlessly, with individuality fading away. The song’s concept revolves around “dressing oneself in more vivid, personal colors” amidst this bleak world. As the track progresses, the arrangement becomes more energetic, offering a delightful listening experience. CRAVITY’s music video, which depicts the quest to rediscover lost colors and paint the world anew, gets a pre-release on the UNIVERSE app.

(2022) – CRAVITY 1st Album Part 2 LIBERTY: IN OUR COSMOS

Release Date: March 22, 2022

Music Video: “Adrenaline”


1. Adrenaline (Title)

2. POW!


4. Chandelier


6. My Baby

7. Late Night

8. Outro: In Our Cosmos

CRAVITY, a highly acclaimed ‘4th generation K-Pop rookie’, has released their first album Part 2 titled [LIBERTY: IN OUR COSMOS]. This comeback is marked by their title track ‘Adrenaline’, symbolizing their rebellious return. Their growth and distinctive aura have raised global fans’ expectations. The album promises an expansion of CRAVITY’s territory with intense power and positivity. Through it, they explore various genres and mark new milestones in their musical journey.

The album concept revolves around the journey of boys who have come together as one after facing numerous challenges. It questions who led them here and what ignited their passion. A significant aspect of the album is their transition to a fresher energy from their intense image. The title symbolizes a vast cosmos where CRAVITY, as radiant stars, find hope and unity. The album’s narrative focuses on the encounter with a star that brings freedom and love, resonating with fans. The lead track ‘Adrenaline’ blends genres like punk, future house, trap, and moombahton, portraying CRAVITY’s thirst for freedom. The music video, on the other hand, showcases their liberation and festivity, establishing a unique visual identity. With songs like ‘POW!’, ‘Chandelier’, and ‘FLIP THE FRAME’, CRAVITY aims to go beyond being just a ‘K-pop rookie’ and leave a significant mark in the industry.

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