BTS Suga Collaborates with IU on Upcoming Track “People Pt. 2” to be Released on April 7, 2023


KPOP OFFICIAL – Last Updated April 5, 2023 KST

BTS Suga has revealed the track poster for his upcoming solo album pre-release track “People Pt. 2 (feat. IU)” under his alter ego Agust D. On April 4, 2023, Suga shared the track poster on BTS official social media channels, capturing attention with a photo of him playing the keyboard alone in a relaxed studio atmosphere.

The track “People Pt. 2 (feat. IU)” features singer IU and serves as a sequel to “People,” a song from Agust D’s second mixtape, “D-2,” released in May 2020. “People Pt. 2” explores the emotions and relationships between people that constantly repeat, delivered through Agust D’s unique sensibilities. The song’s boom-bap rhythm is complemented by Suga’s rap and IU’s clear and harmonious vocals.


“D-DAY,” the upcoming album, marks the grand finale of Agust D’s trilogy series, following his mixtapes “Agust D” and “D-2.” Suga has taken the helm for the entire album, writing and composing all the songs and producing the album.

Suga will release “People Pt. 2 (feat. IU)” as a pre-release track on April 7, 2023, followed by the full solo album “D-DAY” on April 21, 2023. Fans eagerly anticipate the exceptional collaboration between Suga and IU, as it promises to deliver a memorable musical experience.

Source: SBS Entertainment News, OSEN, KBS Entertainment

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